Ben Bredeson wearing recruiting hat for Michigan during Under Armour Game

Ben Bredeson spoke to The Michigan Insider about the players he will be recruiting during the Under Armour All American game.

ORLANDO, Fla. -- For some recruits, the Under Armour All American game is a unique opportunity to showcase talent across the entire nation. It's also one of the last opportunities high school players will be able to enjoy at the high school level before taking the next step to the collegitate ranks.

For others, it may seem, it could be considered a business trip.

For Michigan four-star offensive lineman commit Ben Bredeson, he will be enjoying one of the last events as a high school player before enrolling at U-M in the fall. He is also there for a unique opportunity to be a recruiter for the Maize and Blue as well.

"I haven't gotten a chance to see them yet but there's definitely going to be a couple guys I'm going to talk to," Bredeson said. "I'm going to talk to the coaches tonight and they said that they will send a few names over to work on. I'm sure Rashan Gary is going to be on there and some other guys, I know Kareem (Walker) is doing a good job with him. There will be a few guys who we will be working hard on and try to get them to come."

Of course, every single program in the nation would welcome a player like Gary with open arms. So, what sets U-M apart from the others? Bredeson opened up about the message he would like to share with the number one recruit in the nation.

"I think the special thing about Michigan is the change of the guard that just happened with coach Harbaugh and the complete turnaround of the program," Bredeson said. "Michigan is on its way up right now and I don't see it stopping.

"If he comes then it's only going to get better."

Video interview by Josh Newkirk

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