Jenkins-Stone: Cole Shining in New Role

Michigan senior LB Royce Jenkins-Stone discusses Brian Cole’s move to safety.

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh has never been shy to ask a player to make a position switch. 

And this bowl season has been no different, with a handful of Wolverines already making the move. 

But among reported position switches, one player has stood out above the rest, says senior linebacker Royce-Jenkins Stone.

“I can’t remember where everybody is exactly at, but I do know (Brian) Cole is at safety,” Jenkins-Stone said. “He’s been coming down bringing a lot of hat.”

Adding: “He’s been doing good. I don’t know what everyone’s new position is, but definitely Cole.”

Cole, who started his freshman season at wide receiver, had been reported that he made the switch to safety earlier this month. Now, well, it seems he has made the move with flying colors. In fact, Jenkins-Stone says Cole has even earned playing time with the No. 1 defense.

“Yeah, he has been,” he said of Cole working with the starters. “Everybody gets their time to play. We’ve been doing a lot of scrimmaging for the younger guys and everybody has been getting time at their new positions. So everybody is doing well. Coach Harbaugh is changing people’s positions, putting people where he feels would be best for the team. You know what he is, he does great wonders.”

Jenkins-Stone went on to say Cole, who stands at 6-2, 200-ppounds, could play a major role on defense moving forward.

“It’s pretty different, but you know like I said, coach Harbaugh feels like he can make that happen,” he said. “I’m pretty sure he can fill a void in the same position.”

Michigan (9-3) plays against Florida (10-3) this Friday at 1 p.m.

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