"Will and Roger have actually been to our house!"

So said the father of Saturday Recruiting Open House attendee DE <B>Ryan Baker</B> from Indianapolis, Ind., Bishop Chatard.

I had another good chat this morning with the father of Ryan Baker (2003 U-M Camper, 6-5, 235 lbs., 4.8 in the 40, 3.5 GPA) from Indianapolis, Ind., Bishop Chatard.

Did Ryan go to the Michigan Open House Saturday?

"Absolutely. Actually Ryan and his mom went up. They had a great, great trip. They told me it was a very good program, and that there were quite a few kids there. They got a chance to get individual attention. There was a lot of academic focus .... what to expect at Michigan, and what is provided for support. They got to go into detail on 'who is who' and 'what is what' in that regard. They got to look at a dorm, and to walk around campus. They got to talk with all the principal people in the Michigan football program, and to get a flavor for the program. The Michigan people did a fine job of selling a fine program."

Did Ryan get to talk to Will Johnson, who was a Michigan Camper as a defensive lineman with Ryan (and who committed to Michigan right after camp)?

"Sure. Will Johnson and Roger Allison (Johnson's teammate, who as we we all know also committed right after camp) were there and Ryan talked to them. In fact, it's interesting you should ask that. Will and Roger have actually been to our house! It was before any of this recruiting business ever started. They have a common friend -- a guy who moved to Michigan for a while and then moved back. So Will and Roger were visiting this friend and they came over to our house. So Ryan already knew them when he went up to the Michigan Camp. Ryan was pleased with how he did at the Michigan Camp by the way -- he was clocked (electronically timed) in 4.80 seconds in the 40, and Michigan was pretty excited about that."

Where has Ryan been this summer?

"He didn't get to anywhere near as many schools as he'd have liked, because of his commitment to our community. He spent two full weeks working at camps for grade school kids, one for basketball, one for football. And he went with his team to the Bishop Dullahan Camp.

"But let's see ... he got to Michigan for their camp, and to Notre Dame for theirs. He went to the Florida Gators camp. He did Boston College's camp. He got to Purdue for a visit during their camp -- we made a special trip there to relieve their concern that Ryan wasn't seriously considering them .... they are the closest school to us you know. Ryan made a visit to Illinois during their camp. And Ball State did a camp at a high school pretty much right in our back yard, so Ryan visited that.

"Ryan is going to Oklahoma tomorrow for a visit. And he may still be able to get cut loose to see Tennessee this month, we'll see."

Does Ryan have a top five?

"Ryan was talking about that earlier in the spring, but people started making assumptions about which schools were 'in' and which were 'out', so he's not releasing that at all now. But -- this is just 'dad's opinion' now -- I would be stunned if Michigan was not in consideration when Ryan's decision is made."

What is Ryan's decision timetable?

"With the deluge of offers, the only real option is to take official visits. There is a chance he could commit somewhere late in the summer, since once Sept 1st is here all the calls will be hard to deal with. But there is a real possibility he'll take all five official visits so he can get to as many schools as possible. For example, how can he make a decision without seeing Stanford?"

Has Notre Dame offered Ryan yet?

"They have not offered yet. They keep sending us letters, but there is no offer yet. Notre Dame making an offer would make narrowing his choices easier. Then it might be easier to say that he has all options in front of him. Don't get me wrong -- I'm not saying he'd pick Notre Dame, just that it'd be easier to narrow things down ."

As a junior tight end last year Baker had 13 receptions for 251 yards (19.31 yards per carry); as a defensive end he had 42 solo tackles and 26 assisted tackles (for 68 total), 17 tackles for loss and nine sacks. He is TheInsiders.com's #22 Midwest area prospect.

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