Graham Glasgow talks offensive line improvement over last season

Senior offensive lineman Graham Glasgow discusses Michigan's improvements on the offensive line over last season.

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Coming into the season, the offensive line was one of the bigger question marks outside of the quarterback position.

A few games into the 2015 season showed that Michigan had started to put those issues behind them. Senior center Graham Glasgow discussed how he felt the offensive line progressed throughout the season.

Despite the running game not being where it needed to be, he believes the line came together and improved each week.

"I think that our offensive line has progressively gotten better over the season," Glasgow said. "Although the run yardage didn't exactly reflect that and I thought that we did a pretty good job of protecting Jake. I thought that there were a lot of positives and steps forward taken."

Statistics is one thing but how exactly does the offensive line know it got better? Simple. According to Glasgow, watching last years film really drove the point home on how much they had improved over last season.

That, of course, and the breakout of quarterback Jake Rudock.

"Just watching film I would say," Glasgow said. "If we look at the film compared to last year we were significantly better. I think that we were playing pretty well near the end of the season. I think we had caught a little bit of fire at the beginning of the season and we really needed to pound away, get those carries. Jake started playing well and started throwing the rock. We attributed that to Jake, Jake did really well."

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