Bryan Mone 100 percent healthy, has high expectations for defense next season

Bryan Mone talks about his health and his excitement for next season.

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Michigan defensive lineman Bryan Mone was expected to have a large contribution on the line this season. That, unfortunately for him, never came to fruition as an ankle injury suffered in fall camp sidelined him for the entire season.

With the redshirt preserved, Mone wants to be out there with his teammates.

"I used (the injury) as motivation to be honest with you," Mone said. "Just motivation. Watching the guys practice and play got me excited to work out and not only that but in the classroom, too... I feel pretty good body-wise. I was at 330 when I got hurt, I'm at 309 now. My expectations are just to get better with my technique football-wise."

In a little bit of a health update, Mone says that he is 100-percent healthy and could play in this Citrus Bowl game on Friday. However, the chances of him playing and burning a redshirt for one game is near impossible.

It was difficult for Mone to hide his enthusiam when talk of the potential on defense next season was brought up. Mone says that the defensive line is a tight-knit family and is excited to see most of the starters from this season return.

"I'm excited, everybody is coming back," Mone said with noticeable excitement. "The sky is the limit to be honest with you. Not only that, but our defensive line group is just really close. We all love each other, we are so close. Nobody is as close as the d-line is. That's why I'm excited that everybody is coming back, the sky is the limit. Right now, offseason, winter coniditioning, spring football and fall conditioning. We're back."

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