Jim Harbaugh talks 'joy' of coaching Michigan

A day before the Wolverines are set to play in the Citrus Bowl, Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh discussed his joy of coaching the team.

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Jim Harbaugh's return to Michigan was met with much fanfare. On top of that fanfare was also success on the football field as well.

One day away from competing for its 10th win of the season in the Citrus Bowl against Florida, Michigan met with the media one last time before they strap on the helmets and go play on the field for the last time this season.

Naturally, Harbaugh was asked about the NFL in comparison to college coaching. Not one for comparisons, Harbaugh usually goes with this typical answer when asked to compare things. Because, as you know by now, he doesn't want the other thing to be diminished when doing comparisons.

"Yeah, I determined I like them both," Harbaugh said. "I like coaching. I love football. And I love the of University of Michigan.  It's been a heck of a good year. It has potentially the chance to be -- personally, I would look at this as the best year I've had in football, if we win this game."

Harbaugh is all about business when it comes to coaching. However, being back at his alma mater has given him plenty of reasons to enjoy the team he had this season.

"A lot of reasons. A lot of reasons," Harbaugh said. "Just -- I enjoy coaching this group of guys. Players, a lot of great guys, a bunch of great guys that have worked extremely hard, play as a team, you know, they want to be good. They have been a coach, a coaching staff that has come together and they've really worked together. And have learned a lot of football from our coaches, from our staff.  I see Jim Minnick in the back there. Been best friends since third grade.  Now we're working together. That would be another reason.  Getting to coach with my son Jay. There's been a lot of things that would make this my most enjoyable year of football, if we win this game."

It's not a secret that wherever Harbaugh goes, wins seemingly always follow. Maybe it's his relentless drive for success or maybe it's something else, many expect him to win and win often during his stint at U-M. However, don't ask Harbaugh about his timeline on making U-M a winner again. Some may argue it's already happened. At the end of the day, Harbaugh will always keep one thing in mind no matter the job.

Make today better than it was yesterday.

"You know, we just started," Harbaugh said. "We just started working at the job December 30th.  And every single day, we'd get up and work and see if we couldn't make today better than yesterday and tomorrow better than it was today. That remains the expectation. But it has -- it has been a joy to -- when I look back over this year, it's been a joy to coach this team.  I love the players. A great bunch of guys. And I say that for our staff, our coaches and everybody at your university that I've come in contact with and connected with. It's been a great year that  way. To get this win, to get the tenth win and be Citrus Bowl champions, that would -- that would make it the best year I've had in football, in my opinion."

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