Gary & Walker Have Important Bond (Part 2)

In part two of The Michigan Insider’s interview with Wayne (N.J.) DePaul Catholic running back Kareem Walker and Paramus (N.J.) Catholic defensive lineman Rashan Gary the talented youngsters discuss how much they value advice given by Gary’s mom, Jabrill Peppers, and more.

One of the most consistent themes in Rashan Gary's recruitment his mom’s steadying voice. That turns out to be yet another thing he and his friend Kareem Walker have in common.

“I love his mom too,” said Walker.  “She is like my mom on the recruiting trips. When my mom can’t make it, (Gary’s mom) is keeping it real with me as she would talk to Rashan. I could call his mom and not even talk to Rashan or Rashan not even know I talked to his mom about recruiting, so that is always cool to have.”

It’s also cool to be able get advice from someone that has been through before what you’re going through now.  That’s why Gary can bounce questions off of Walker, and why they can both bounce questions off of former Paramus (N.J.) Catholic star Jabrill Peppers. 

“Jabrill is arguably one of the best players to come out of New Jersey,” said Walker.  “When you mention the top players that come out of New Jersey he is in that conversation, no matter what anybody says about him being cocky or humble. No matter what you want to say, he is going to be in that argument in top guys to come out of New Jersey. It is cool I guess having him as a mentor. He is able to tell us what is going on there and just being real with us. Jabrill really don’t even recruit us to Michigan. The thing was when I was recruited I spoke to him the night before (committing) and he never said, ‘Kareem forget Florida State or Arizona State.’ His message to me was, ‘you are going to be a good football player wherever you go. Don’t think you’ve got to come to Michigan to be successful. I want you here balling with me of course, but I am not going to recruit you here and try manipulate you.’ That is kind of the relationship I have with Rashan. (Jabrill) didn’t ‘recruit’ me, so I feel I don’t have to recruit Rashan. I can tell him, ‘bro I want you to play with me, but you are going to ball out wherever you go…. SEC, Big Ten, PAC 12 or wherever…. you are going to be successful.  But I want you to be with me balling.”

“I talk to (Peppers) and he just keeps it real with me,” added Gary.  “(Peppers says), ‘it is a program on the rise and you can be a part of it.  You’ve just got to pick the best school for you.’ That is our relationship.”

The three Garden State natives will get together in person one last time before Gary decides which school will become his home away from home.

“He is coming to Michigan and I am going to be his host,” said Walker. “That is so cool.”

“I go to USC the 14th-17th and I fly back the 17th,” Gary added.  “I think after that I am going back to Michigan for a couple of days.”

From there the nation’s top prospect will enter the final stages of a deliberation process that could last until signing day.

“(The most important factors will be) comfortability (and) having the same feel for the school I have with my mom. She is my everything.”

And what about the food?

“Yeah…I’m not going to lie to you,” he replied.  “I’ve got to feed this (290) pounds… but it’s going to be food, education, and just basically how my family feels walking around the campus. 

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