Offensive Recap: Michigan Downs Florida, 41-7

The Michigan Insider's Josh Newkirk and Sam Webb recap the offensive performance in the 41-7 Citrus Bowl victory over Florida.

ORLANDO, Fla. -- The Michigan offense dominated Florida during Friday's Citrus Bowl. Seemingly moving the ball with ease, the Wolverines kept its foot on the pedal throughout the game and didn't allow a chance for the Gators to get back into the game.

The Michigan Insider's Josh Newkirk and Sam Webb break down the key factors of the offense.

Harbaugh on offense: Jehu Chesson, the MVP.  He's a great player.  He's one of those guys covering those kicks, and it was great to get a post route.  It was great to hit that.  A lot of tight throws were made today.  I mean, Florida is so athletic and has so much speed that there's only tiny windows to make those throws and complete those catches.  And Jake Rudock was fabulous on the money today.  I mean, darned near flawless.  And the receivers made big catches.  As soon as they were catching the ball, they were getting hit sometimes and held onto the ball, caught the ball.  I don't think there was any drop passes out there today.  And then you combine that with the way our offensive line was coming off the ball, I mean, really coming off the ball and on their assignments throughout the game.  And then De'Veon, I've never seen -- I mean, ah, I've never seen a back like this that breaks as many tackles.  Well, maybe Frank Gore, you know, type of guy in terms of -- but he looks tackled by two, three guys and he's burrow and he's churning, and you know, turning, getting two more yards out of every single run today.  If it was blocked for two, he got four.  If it was blocked for four, he got six.  And sometimes even more than two or three, more than what it was blocked for.  It's just -- incredible, incredible effort by De'Veon.  That was -- got a lot of heart, a lot of drive.  And a lot of talent.  And be excited about him next year as well. 

- Rudock money once again: Rudock once again threw for over 250 yards and added three touchdowns through the air.

- Running game was moving: De'Veon Smith was able to run the ball easily, adding 108 yards on 24 carries. Drake Johnson also got involved as well by adding 58 yards and a touchdown.

- Chesson continues to do his thing: Jehu Chesson continues his astronomical rise this season, adding 118 receiving yards and a wide-open touchdown to his name.

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