Michigan junior defensive lineman Chris Wormley says the defense could see Florida quitting in the third quarter.

Michigan junior defensive lineman Chris Wormley says the defense could see Florida quitting in the third quarter.

Michigan's defense had a goal heading into Friday's 41-7 Citrus Bowl win over Florida.

Despite having zero control over the type of performance that would come from the Gators defensive unit, a group that ranks No. 6 nationally in 2015, the Wolverines wanted to be better.

On this day, they were.

Michigan held Florida's offense to just 273 total yards and seven-points, none of which came in the second half as the Wolverines pushed down on the gas pedal.

"41-7," junior defensive lineman Chris Wormley said post game. "Defense and offense played very well, special teams especially played very well. That's the mentality you have to have throughout the entire game."

For Michigan's defense though, the challenge was clear and while the Wolverines' offense racked up over 500-yards, the defense suffocated the Gators.

'We knew that Florida had a good defense, we knew we had a good defense," Wormley said. "The defense especially made it a point to show we were the better defense, especially today. 

"We just wanted it more, we had more will and were relentless throughout the entire game."

Florida managed just 14 first downs for the game, while forcing quarterback Treon Harris to finish 8-of-21 passing with 146-yards and an interception.

Holding a 17-7 advantage at the half, Michigan's offense opened the second frame with a 12 play, 69-yard drive to make it 24-7.

From there, the Wolverines coasted.

"I'd say maybe even as close as right after halftime, we came out and scored and shut them down on defense," Wormley said. "You could see it in their eyes. 

"You can tell when someone wants to quit, when someone doesn't want to play anymore. It's a good feeling, especially for a defense, step on their throats and be relentless."

Finishing off 2015 at 10-3, Michigan's expectations will once again increase moving forward to 2016.

Wormley, who decided to return for his senior season instead of exploring the NFL, can't wait for it to get here.

"Going into next season we've got a lot of guys returning, a lot of key players coming back on both sides of the ball," he said. 

"It's just a good feeling. We're going to go into winter conditioning, spring football and get ready for camp. It's going to come quicker than we think and we're going to be one hell of a team."

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