Rashan Gary’s mom Jennifer Coney on the pros and cons of Michigan, whether she and her son agree on his leaderboard, and more.

In the final part of our interview with the mother of Paramus (N.J.) Catholic defensive lineman Rashan Gary she shares her thoughts on the pros and cons of Michigan, whether she and her son agree on his leaderboard, and more.

With the verdict in Rashan Gary's recruitment exactly one month away from being rendered, Michigan's positive attributes have already been established.

"Academics, great coaching staff, great school of business, a great environment on campus and around campus… Ann Arbor is a great town,” Gary’s mother Jennifer Coney stated.  “I guess there's so many more…I want to go with Rashan and say the food court (laughter).”

And the cons?

"It's cold,” said Coney.  “That's it."

What’s absent in that answer is any concern about Michigan’s change at defensive coordinator.  There isn’t much time to get to know the Wolverines’ new defensive guru Don Brown, but the comfort with the rest of the staff has made that a non-issue.

“I haven't talked to (Brown),” Coney said. “I talk to Harbaugh often. I talk to Mattison often and Mattison is going to be the one working with Rashan closely and often. So Rashan has a relationship with them and so have I. Harbaugh is great, he contacts me all the time. He called me before the Citrus Bowl, knocked me down too. I was very impressed, very impressed."

Where that puts Michigan in Gary’s current hierarchy remains a question that only he and those close to him know the answer to.  Even if the Wolverines do currently hold the lead, their position won’t be safe until Gary completes his visits.

 "We haven't been to USC, we haven't taken his last visit. So once we do that, then we can sit back and intelligently gather information and work on it."

That work will conclude when Gary and the woman he calls “my everything” are on the same page.

According to mom they aren’t that far off.

"We're working towards it,” she said.  “I think in the next four weeks we'll gel together."

"We have favorites together. We see good things at a place. Our favorites are the same."

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