David Long. Brandon Peters, and Jordan Elliott fared well on day two and Michigan is trending VERY favorably with a number of top targets.

The Michigan Insider was on hand for the West team practice again and observed a number of Michigan's commits and targets perform well during a brief padded scrimmage. David Long. Brandon Peters, and Jordan Elliott were among those that impressed the most. We also learned that Michigan is trending favorably with a number of top targets. VERY favorably.

(Report written by Eugene Hankerson)

San Antonio, Tex.  -- David Long was much more active on Tuesday and showed no ill-effects from his collision with Donnie Corley on day one.  He was matched up with Corley again on day two and won his share of those battles.  His most notable victory came on a deep sideline pass to Corley that Long broke up after running stride for stride down the field with his counterpart.  It’s clear that Long is comfortable in press or off coverage, and showed good recovery speed on the deep ball.

LaVert Hill had also bounced back well and was much better in his off coverage technique and footwork. That’s the area of Hill’s game where there is the most room for growth.  The Motor City star is an excellent press corner. There aren’t many better in the country. He has great speed, terrific hips, and cat-like quickness.  All of those things aid him in sticking with receivers when he lines up in their faces.  But he didn’t look as instinctive when playing off.  I thought he lined up too far off the ball Monday, giving receivers too much freedom to get into their routes.  He was much more aggressive and physical Tuesday and did a much better job of throwing off the QB-to-WR timing.

Ole Miss quarterback commit Shea Patterson received first team reps for the second day in a row, but Brandon Peters has been just as good.  The future Wolverine doesn’t get flustered in the pocket, and showed the ability to sidestep pass rushers.  Peters threw some great passes that were dropped which would have been big plays.  He’s seems to be getting more comfortable by the day.

Jordan Elliott is comfortable both inside and outside, he has consistently fire off the ball, and through two days he has wreaked the most havoc in the backfield.  He proved that his relentless showing Monday was not a fluke.  When he plays with down-in, down-out intensity he is hard for offensive linemen to handle.  Scout.com’s Texas based analysts Greg Powers and Gabe Brooks have certainly been impressed, as evidenced by their Q&A sessions with The Michigan Insider’s Sam Webb.

Gabe Brooks to Sam Webb:

-- On how his assessment of Jordan Elliott's performance: "Intensity, he's played with a higher motor than I think he showed on some of his senior tape and he's really been disruptive. He's an explosion player, he gets off the ball well, he's been using his hands pretty well and he's brought the physicality you want to see out of a guy playing that inside tackle spot."

-- On if he looks better in camp than during season: "Definitely, I think he's been among the best defensive players overall, maybe the best d-tackle we've gotten to see so far. I think that he's really bringing it against this tougher competition he's facing."

Greg Powers to Sam Webb:

-- On how his assessment of Jordan Elliott's performance: "I really like the way Jordan Elliott has turned up the intensity. Playing for Houston Westside is a team that did make the playoffs this year that's not going to compete with a team like Katy Texas, who they got beat by 77-0 in the first round of the playoffs. Kind of backing up on tape we saw all the time, he's a guy that plays defensive end in high school and he's athletic enough to do that. He's slid around out here also, played inside and outside, that new-age type of defensive lineman I guess that you see now that coaches really covet because they are so versatile in these schemes. They're not guys who you can peg down and say, hey, he's just a three-technique guy, he's not a guy who can play multiple spots."

-- On whether he looked better in camp compared to the season: "I wouldn't say that necessarily, he's already a highly rated guy, he's just outside of the Scout Top 100 nationally. I think that his junior tape was probably a bit more ferocious than his senior tape. Sometimes that happens with guys who've already been getting recruiting by these top level schools because they've already kind of proven it their junior year. I would say more backed up what we thought initially we believed in him."

Michael Onwenu has been outstanding in his own right.  He moves so well, that you forget that he tips the scales at over 350 lbs.  Onwenu is a pillar at right guard, has simply had his way during these first two days of practice.

Dylan Crawford was relatively quiet on the field, but off the field the pro Michigan buzz heading into his Saturday commitment announcement continues to grow. Scout.com’s Brandon Huffman broke down why the Wolverines are trending up to Sam Webb.

"I feel like (Michigan has) been the one school that's been the constant,” Huffman told Webb.  “He's doesn't talk a lot, but when he does Michigan is usually the one that he glows the most about. I know he's always felt a good opportunity is there. Being at a Big Ten school… I think he's always kind of looked to go national and that's why even with the L.A. schools recruiting him, he's never really been the guy that wants to stay in Southern California… and I think Michigan kind of gives him a bigger platform that he would maybe see at some of the other schools on the West Coast."

The pro Michigan scuttlebutt actually extended well beyond Crawford.  The Michigan Insider also uncovered intel on silent Wolverine commits in San Antonio, the potential impact Crawford and Long could have on one another’s recruitment, the ongoing package deal talk between Lavert Hill and Donnie Corley, and more. We even unearthed info on Michigan’s rising stock with prospects that are even in the All American.  Premium members can get the details below.  Not yet a premium member? Click here.

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