Evans is All Maize and Blue

Michigan commit, Indianapolis (Ind.) Ben Davis senior running back Chris Evans had been committed for months and despite receiving a late offer from the Buckeyes, maintains he’s still firmly solid to the Wolverines

Indianapolis (Ind.) Ben Davis senior running back Chris Evans has been committed to Michigan since June and all that had been on his mind was signing his letter of intent in February. However, earlier this week, Ohio State extended an offer out to the Hoosier State standout, which raised some concern with the Wolverine faithful about him possibly taking an official visit to Columbus.
While the Buckeye offer was one he wanted earlier in the process, as he explained with some close to him, his loyalty is now belongs with the one who always wanted him from the start in the Maize and Blue.
“Me, my friend Keshawn Johnson and my teacher Mr. Goins were all talking about the situation,” Evans told The Michigan Insider. “It's like there's two girls and one girl is Beyonce, which is Ohio State. I’m like, dang, I want Beyonce because she looks good and has everything, so I want her. However, she is like 'nah' and I’m going to hold back. I don’t know if I want to go out with you right now. I’m like alright cool, then I will just hold back and do whatever I can and just chill. Then Halle Berry comes in and is like, hey Chris, what’s up and I like you. I’m like okay cool, so I am going to go with Halle Berry and have been going out with her since June. However, Beyonce pops back up and is like, hey babe, what’s up and remember me? We can go out if you want to? I’m like I got Halle Berry and I’m happy with her. That is what I want. I tried to get with you, but you didn’t want it, so I chose otherwise. Now that you want to jump back in, I got nothing for you.”
“I wouldn’t say (Ohio State) was too late to the party, but I’m saying they told me they weren’t coming, so I marked them off the guest list and then they show up.”
Once passing game coordinator/wide receiver coach Jedd Fisch and running backs coach Tyrone Wheatley heard of Evans latest offer from the Buckeyes, they assured him that they were by his side in his decision.
“I got offered on Wednesday and Coach Fisch called me then, too,” said Evans. “I talked to Coach Wheatley on Thursday. They wanted me to be honest with them in what am I thinking and what is going on in the process. They said if I wanted to visit, I could and if I didn’t want to visit, then that is fine with them, but they are going to be with me through the situation. It made me feel comfortable and that I am not under pressure.”
With the four-star 5-10, 195-pound Evans deciding to stay loyal to Michigan, plans of visiting elsewhere are off the table and his last trip will be coming to Ann Arbor later this month.
“I’m done visiting other schools and I’m going up to Michigan on the 15th staying with Brandon (Peters). I’m going to get more comfortable with meeting new people and the academic game plan I was really interested with what Coach Baxter was doing. Me and my parents are really interested in that, but he just got a job at USC and it will be interesting to see how they change that. I’m also going to try and get a couple more guys to commit.”
Despite not being a huge recruiter for the Wolverines, he has done his share on the recruiting trail and has his sights on helping land arguably their biggest target left in Paramus (N.J.) Catholic five-star defensive tackle, Rashan Gary.
“Well, Nate Johnson was one of the first people I met on my official and told him that he needed to commit that weekend and then he committed that afternoon,” said Evans. “I have really just been talking to Rashan (Gary). Brandon (Peters) knows more than me, but that is really all who I have been recruiting. I know we want him and he is the No. 1 player in the country.”
“It is kind of like general talk basically, but I tell him if you come with us, we will be an even better class and plus I've pitching Coach Harbaugh to him. His mom likes Harbaugh a lot, so it is going to be good.”
The elusive tailback is ready to start his college career at Michigan and knows the future is bright after seeing his Wolverines dominant in its bowl victory performance over Florida.
“Oh my goodness, it was crazy,” said Evans. “It was real crazy and I thought it would have been a little closer, but we beat the heck out of them. I wasn’t expecting it and they beat them bad especially with them being an SEC school. People say they weren’t supposed to beat them and they say SEC is the place for college football, but that ain’t nothing.”
At the end of the day, Evans turned to legendary Wolverine head coach, Bo Schembechler’s message on why he decided to stay firmly committed.
“Those who stay will be champions and whatever you do, then you got to be a man and stick by it,” Evans said of his decision. “I feel like loyalty is a big thing in showing your character and how you carry yourself and not backing out of something you set your heart on.”

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