Los Angeles (Calif.) Loyola cornerback says Jim Harbaugh is his mom's favorite coach.

Much has been made of Jim Harbaugh's tree climbing display during his in-home with Los Angeles (Calif.) Loyola senior cornerback David Long, but the talented youngster says that is only part of what made his time with Michigan's coaches memorable.

Los Angeles (Calif.) Loyola senior cornerback David Long is a top priority for Michigan. That was very evident Monday night when Wolverine head coach Jim Harbaugh and four other coaches made it to the Golden State star's home for a visit. The final interaction with the Maize & Blue brass was less about recruiting and more about strengthing vonds.

“It went well,” Long told The Michigan Insider. "They mostly talked with my family and it’s no need for any last minute pitches they’ve already laid all the cards out. The program speaks for itself. Rating the whole visit would definitely have to be a 10.”

“My family loved the visit. Harbaugh is my mom’s favorite coach and she knows absolutely nothing about football. She just likes the way he conducts himself.”

That's quite a statement considering how things started off between the two.

“I’m pretty sure she hung up on him my junior year because he introduced himself and she didn’t know who it was,” Long said laughingly. “I may be a little off, but I’m pretty sure that’s what took place. It’s pretty funny, but they talk a lot, so she has built a good relationship with him now.”

It was that level of comfort with Long's entire family that prompted the now infamous tree climbing stunt.

“(Harbaugh) was playing catch with my little brother and my little sister... they’re twins... and my sister asked him if he could climb a tree,” Long said laughingly. “He immediately took on the challenge he ended up putting my little brother up there though. So the mission was somewhat accomplished. It was great.”

While the strong rapport with Harabugh and three of his accompanying assistants (Chris Partridge, Jay Harbaugh, and Greg Mattison) was already established, the visit marked Long's first opportunity to meet new defensive coordinator Don Brown. The Loyola star came away with a great initial impression.

“Coach Brown was a really cool coach,” said Long. “I met him for the first time (Monday) and Coach Brown was great. He’s a man of few words, but when he speaks he’s very insightful. You can tell me knows a lot about football.”

Now all that stands between Long and an announcement is one last in-home visit with Washington headman Chris Peterson tonight. After that he'll clear his mind and settle on his choice. He already knows what it will come down to.

“Where I feel comfortable,” said Long. “I know that comes off as very vague, but it’s no better way to say it honestly.”

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