Los Angeles (Calif.) Loyola four-star cornerback David Long has committed to Michigan.

Los Angeles (Calif.) Loyola four-star cornerback David Long has committed to Michigan.

For David Long farthest option turned out to be the best option.

The Los Angeles (Calif.) Loyola star announced his commitment to Michigan over Washington in a Thursday evening press conference. It was decision based in large part on the extreme comfort he began feeling during his one and only trip to Ann Arbor in mid-October.

"It was a great visit, I liked it there a lot," Long said. "The highlight for me had to be meeting Coach Harbaugh. Coach Harbaugh is great and bring so much passion and energy. He's very active and the whole staff has a ton of energy as well. That's the kind of energy you want from a head coach because it affects the entire program."

That first impression of Harbaugh was a game changer.  The then-Stanford commit had already established great rapport with his primary contact at Michigan Chris Partridge. 

When he instantly forged a similar connection with the headman himself the talented youngster began envision donning the winged helmet more seriously.  By the time he met back up with Harbaugh during an in-home visit earlier this week the comfort factor was at an all-time high.

And his family felt the same way.

“My family loved the visit,” said Long.  “Harbaugh is my mom’s favorite coach and she knows absolutely nothing about football. She just likes the way he conducts himself.”

In the final analysis, though, those relationships were only part of what established the feeling of home away from home at Michigan.  That Long has family in Detroit also helped a great deal.

“I have an aunt and two uncles,” he said detailing his kin in the Motor City.

“I think that’s something that matters especially since there aren’t a lot of guys from California out there you need somebody to go to that you’re really close with and come in contact with.  I think that matters having someone close.”

It also matters having a degree from one of the best academic institutions in the country… one that will open doors no matter where his career path takes him.

“In the academic meetings Michigan had just exactly what I was looking for with the architecture, business, and engineering,” Long stated.  “Everything was great there.” 

“The networking is really good at Michigan, so that is something that is really drawing me in.  They have a pretty big fan base in the California area.  My counselor, her son goes to Michigan. It’s kind of a small world when you’re a Michigan man."

And now Long will know firsthand what that’s like.

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