Derrick Walton talks Duncan Robinson's contributions

Derrick Walton Jr. talks about the contributions Duncan Robinson has made to the team so far this season.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- Duncan Robinson has proven himself to be the energizing source this team has needed without its star player in Caris LeVert. The ability to be able to hit a three-pointer seemingly anywhere on the court has been a valuable tool for the Wolverines so far this season. Any time you need a three, especially when the player is wide open, you find Robinson.

This isn't anything new to point guard Derrick Walton Jr., however, this is something him, and the entire team, has known since he arrived last season.

"Yeah I've seen it coming the whole time," Walton said. "When he first got here last summer coming in I would see him shooting and working on his game. The type of work ethic that he has I don't think a lot of us internally were surprised moreso being happy he's able to perform at the level he's performing at."

Robinson found a new trick up his sleeve during Saturday's victory over Nebraska. Not only contributing by his pinpoint accuracy with shooting the basketball, he also contributed a dunk that made the entire Michigan bench stand up and cheer for him.

Again, this isn't anything new to Walton and company. Robinson has had this ability all along.

He just waited for the perfect moment to unleash it.

"He's shown he's got a little pop to his step on several occasions," Walton said. "He hasn't shown it as much in the actual games but he's definitely capable of making a play like that. I think the reaction we had was just excited moreso opposed to shock."

The team has been able to play very well as a cohesive unit in LeVert's absence. Robinson is doing his thing and Zak Irvin has also found his shot and looks to be playing the part of playmaker many were hoping he would be to start the season.

With it all coming together, coupled with the impending return of LeVert, Walton believes that this team can certainly be contenders in this conference.

"Of course," Walton said. "I've said it before, we can compete with everybody within the league. I think it's finally coming to the forefront, things are clicking right now."

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