The Michigan Insider gets an in-depth recap of Rashan Gary's fourth visit to Michigan from the coach that traveled with him.

Paramus (N.J.) Catholic Rashan Gary has visited Michigan four times over the course of his recruitment. PC Director of Football Ops & former D-Line coach) Steven Kanoc accompanied his talented pupil on three of those trips, including the one last weekend. Afterward Kanoc shared an in-depth recap with TMI and laid out the final week of Gary’s recruitment.

Sam Webb: You were just on the latest visit to Michigan. What did you guys see/do this time around?

Steven Kanoc: "Well it went from being a one and a half day visit to being a three day visit, the fact that none of us could get back, (at least) the Jersey guys. What was kind of planned out just kind of wasn't as rushed because we knew the flights were going to get cancelled Saturday morning and it just turned into a very informal kind of visit where they just got to see everything at a slower pace so they got to absorb more of it I think. They got to hang with the guys more, go to class. I know Rashan and Drew (Singleton) actually got to see what a class was like as it was being done and just got to do things I think they wouldn't have had it been a shorter visit. That's one of the things they got to see a lot more at a slower pace."

Sam Webb: Other than the pace of the visit, what if anything was different from past trips?

Steven Kanoc: "I think they got to spend a lot more time with the coaches, obviously, being there more and on a day that the coaches even came in on Sunday to spend time with them, watch the games, we watched the playoff games with them. It was just more in depth so they really got to see a lot and it was a lot to hang out with the players because on one of our visits the players weren't there. They got to hang out with the players, especially the new guys like Kareem Walker, Devin Bush Jr., Amir Mitchell -- they got to see what life was really like through those guys, which was different. They're guys they knew so now they actually got to see what it's like there already for those kids. From what I can see, those kids are loving it."

Sam Webb: Clearly the Rashan and his mom value your opinion.  When you advised them what to look for what did you emphasize?

Steven Kanoc: "The feel of the high school we have, we're a family and that's one thing everybody arrives at so quick is a family feeling. I think when we go to these different schools, we look for that. Where would Rashan fit in most as a family? And some of the schools are all business and some you can tell have more of that family feel. That's a big thing because Rashan loves family, you can see it, his mom, his cousin, his sister. That's something that's important to him so there's got to be people around that's not just football or not just academics, that there's a family vibe about it. That's what he enjoyed about this weekend."

Sam Webb: Defensive scheme was mentioned early on as a factor.  Is that still a serious consideration?

Steven Kanoc: "Being at every school and the kid that he is, every system we've seen, he could play in any position, and I think that's why he's such a great talent. When we go to these schools and it's a 4-3 or maybe a 3-4, we had him at every position this year just to show what a freak he is. The X's and O's, we know he can play, it's more about what coaches he clicks with because he's a very coach able kid for a certain kind of coach so I think that's what we're looking for most important, is he hitting it off with the defensive line coach, the defensive coordinator, and that kind of stuff. Are they getting along? I watch a lot of that and get their reactions."

Sam Webb: Don Brown is the new coordinator. What was he like?

Steven Kanoc: "It was nice. I obviously knew a little bit about Don Brown and knew he was coming over to Michigan. On Rashan, he knows (Brown’s) stats, he knows he's a really good defensive coach. What was nice was they were actually at our school for a visit the day before he left for Michigan, so we got to know Coach Brown before we got to Michigan. And then we didn't think we were going to spend a lot of time with him but again because of the extended visit we got to see a lot of Coach Brown. I think Rashan was impressed with his system, what he's done, and what he'll do there."

Sam Webb: What is the relationship like with Coach Mattison?

Steven Kanoc: "To me I just think, and his wife Ann, they were both there for two days.  You hear about the wives being involved but Ann was just great.  She spent some time with us also. They're just great people, they're people that you would want to trust a player going to be coached by… and his record speaks for itself. He just went through some things where he would see Rashan and some film of some players in the past that he's coached and what Rashan needs to do. It was very informative and again. I hate to keep going back to it but because we were able to spend extra time with them we were able to get in the film room with him and then spend time, we had dinner with him and his wife. They've built a strong bond with Rashan, which is nice."

Sam Webb: So lay out the next week for me. What will the deliberation process look like?

Steven Kanoc: "Well he's going to Clemson as his last official. And so, it's a matter of coming back that Monday and Tuesday of next week, which is good, because of the dead period cause they're really getting quite (exhausted) with the coaches coming in and phone calls. It'll be nice to have that Monday and Tuesday of the dead period, I'm sure we'll sit down at some point, put down the schools, the pros and the cons, and weigh all the options. Then decision day when we're going to ESPN."

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