Under the bright lights, Duncan Robinson recognizes the need for energy

Under the bright lights of Madison Square Gardens, Michigan forward Duncan Robinson recognizes the need for energy.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- The Michigan basketball program heads under the bright lights of Madison Square Gardens on Saturday afternoon to face Penn State in a special conference game.

For U-M forward Duncan Robinson, an experience traveling to a big stage is new for him in his college career. It will be a moment he will cherish.

"Obviously you hear about it and stuff like that," Robinson said. "It should be a surreal moment to suit up and play in a game there. It's awesome, it's a really cool opportunity, coming to a place like Michigan you get these opportunities. It should be a lot of fun."

A big stage like the Madison Square Gardens provides excitement and energy for any player on the court, especially for those in the college ranks. Coming off a performance was less-than-stellar in the energy department, Robinson acknowledged the poor performance and vowed that it won't happen again.

"We came out flat for sure," Robinson said. "We've talked about it a lot over the last couple of days as a team. That sort of energy is unacceptable so we're looking to fix that tomorrow. I wouldn't necessarily say there's one specific thing, we just can't have that type of energy and it won't happen again."

With energy at a premium for this upcoming game, Robinson says it will be difficult for the team to not be ready for what's to come regardless of opponent. The Wolverines are now ready to go for the regular season sweep over the Nittany Lions.

"Yeah for sure," Robinson said. "Playing in a venue like that, if you can't get up for a game like that then there's something wrong with you. It should be a lot of fun, Penn State is a good team so it should be a good challenge for us."

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