Devin Bush Jr.: At Michigan, you're part of something special

Devin Bush Jr. discusses the Signing of the Stars event and an opportunity to play early his freshman season.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- For Devin Bush Jr., his moment to be officially welcomed into the Michigan football family has finally arrived. The moment was done in style with a lavish event full of celebrities.

For Bush, he realizes that the Signing Of The Stars event showcases the connections one can make playing football at U-M.

"It all comes down to Michigan," Bush said. "Michigan has so many connections. Just having so many great guys in one area and you get to meet them, I feel like at Michigan you're part of something special. Today just shows it." 

For now, Bush is focusing on attending workouts and getting familiar with the football program. However, there's still a very good opportunity for him to step right in and take one of the starting spots at linebacker.

He knows it and he plans to take advantage of this opportunity right away.

"I see a huge opportunity for myself," Bush said. "This opportunity is for me to lose. I'm just going to come in and not overthink anything, just going day-by-day and step-by-step."

In order to get there, he still needs to accomplish certain things first. Most importantly, Bush needs to focus on knowing the playbook inside and out.

"Most definitely the playbook," Bush said. "Just getting familiarized with the playbook. Knowing when to make the right checks and the right calls."

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