Rockford (Mich.) kicker Quinn Nordin sheds light on his decision to sign with the University of Michigan.

Many questioned the impact of Jim Harbaugh's recruiting sleepovers last month. In the case of Rockford (Mich.) kicker Quinn Nordin it was a deal clincher.

After months of anticipation, Rockford (Mich.) kicker Quinn Nordin officially made the move that many long believed he would. He decided to stay home and play for Michigan. The former Penn State commitment was surrounded by family as he signed his National Letter of Intent. He made it clear afterward that making the switch was a no-brainer.

“I mean why not Michigan,” Nordin told The Michigan Insider. “It is the best place in the world. Coach Harbaugh is the premiere coach in college football and is the best coach. He has had my back since day one and those guys on the team right now along with the recruits of 2016 are the best. I love them to death and they are all super good guys.”

“I knew about three days ago coming back from USC. It was a extremely tough decision because I thought I was going to go to USC and was almost an 100% positive with Coach Baxter leaving, but Coach Harbaugh made sure that I was going to be happy at Michigan. I love him and I’m going to go play for him.”

Nordin had established many relationships over the course of his recruitment, and one of the strongest was with special teams coordinator John Baxter. USC lured Baxter back to his former post in the Land of Troy after just one season in Ann Arbor. His departure raised uncertainty in Nordin's mind, but Harbaugh quickly moved to fill the void. Michigan's headman showed how much of a priority the nation's #1 kicker was by sleeping over his house.

“It (made an impact),” Nordin said regarding the overnight experience. “I didn’t have a relationship with him and that was after Coach Baxter left, so I didn’t have a single relationship with anyone on staff except for Coach Partridge. Coach Harbaugh put himself out there and he made himself have a great relationship with me. I am in love with Michigan, the city, and just ready to go do this.”

“Coach Harbaugh is unique. He is very upfront, honest and he is going to tell you exactly what he wants to tell you. I love that about him. I want a straight shooter and he’s exactly that. I love him to death and he is the coach for me. He loves my parents and what he is doing for Michigan is unlike anything that is being done in the country. We appreciate what he is doing at Michigan and we are going to put it back on the map.”

That decision elicited tears of joy from one of the most important people in Nordin’s life, his mom. While she admits her football knowledge isn’t the greatest, her sense of good character is. She saw that in Harbaugh.

“I come from a family of six girls and football is something that I didn’t really know anything about, so I am not looking at football. But that man and the men that surround him... I could feel it," Mrs. Nordin Said. "And how Coach Harbaugh was, how he treated his family and the coaches around him (was impressive). We went to the Michigan vs. Michigan State game, which the game was so bad and the most horrible thing happened... but how they handled that and how those men kept saying (Blake O’Neil) is a great boy and kid, which I loved. All good stuff with them!”

That sense of family was a huge lure. Nordin gained that feeling from the incoming recruits as well.

“It is probably the best class in the country,” said Nordin. “We got Lavert Hill, Michael Dwumfour, Khaleke Hudson, Brandon Peters, Kareem Walker, Ahmir Mitchell, Kingston Davis, so we are loaded. I am not the big name player, but I am a kicker/punter and will try to change the game. Coach Harbaugh’s motto is who’s got it better than us, which is nobody, and that is true. All the guys care about each and every one of us. When I went down on my official visit there, I wasn’t quite sure and didn’t really know the guys that well, but instantly felt like family. I love the guys, love the team and I knew that was the place for me.”

The 6-2, 200-pound strong legged kicker plans to work hard this off-season and prepares to do whatever the team needs once he arrives on campus.

“The goal is to come in and play,” said Nordin. “I will do whatever the coaches want me to do, I will do. I’m going to work my butt off and whatever they want me to do is what I will be doing in receiver, quarterback or even linebacker (laughter).”


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