Not a fullback: Tyrone Wheatley shares bond with Kingston Davis over measurables

Michigan running back early enrollee Kingston Davis and Tyrone Wheatley share a similar bond and body type... Just don't tell them they're fullbacks.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- Kingston Davis and Tyrone Wheatley have a similar background. Both players were attempted to fit into a mold that didn't quite fit and both didn't agree with.

This is how the relationship started between Davis and Wheatley and ultimately ended up with Davis enrolling early into U-M. Despite all the talk of size, neither wanted to become fullbacks.

Which is something Wheatley is very familiar with.

"We have a story that's very similar," Wheatley said on WTKA's signing day show. "When I was drafted in the first round and went to the New York Giants, because of your weight they call it measurables. Your height, your size and so a lot of times they just look on paper and say you're a fullback. Well, I'm not a fullback if you watch me in college I never, ever iso-blocked anyone. I spent most of my years avoiding people and not running into them."

Davis refuses to be slotted as a fullback because of his size and luckily for Davis, Wheatley sees that too. In fact, Wheatley sees a great runner with equally great vision and signing Davis fills a great need on the U-M roster this fall.

"Kingston is a long that same line," Wheatley said. "His measurables on a lot of the websites they would list him as a fullback. He would get upset and call me and say 'Coach Wheat I'm not a fullback' and I said 'I know you're not a fullback, just relax.' But understanding that whole situation on measurables, people just go by numbers and his numbers state that he's a fullback. No, this young man is a very, very good runner in terms of vision and his lateral movement is exceptional. That's one thing I love about him is that because 90% of the game is going to play when plays are not blocked well, he's going to play in traffic.

"He's able to slide into the next hole to evade the defenders with the least amount of effort but he's sneaky fast. He's not a guy with a great burst that's going to go but he's a ground-churning, move the chains type of back and a guy that we need."

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