Concord (Calif.) De La Salle tight end Devin Asiasi went his own way in picking Michigan.

There were numerous voices within Concord (Calif.) De La Salle tight end Devin Asiasi’s circle telling him he should stay close to home for his collegiate career, and there was one telling him he should go to Michigan. That one voice was his own.

Throughout the recruiting process Devin Asiasi insisted distance from home wouldn’t prevent him from picking the school he felt fit him best.  On February 3rd he proved those words were more than just lip service by signing with the University of Michigan.

“I figured out two days before signing day,” Asiasi said regarding his decision.  “I sat down with my parents and really went over the things I was looking for in a school.  It came down to Michigan, Alabama… and actually all five schools. I broke it down and I clearly saw the school I wanted to go to.  I had kind of an idea before and I had been meeting with my parents.  I went over it with them and showed them why, and at the end of the day I chose Michigan.”

Those meetings with his family to explain why he felt such an attraction to the Wolverines was the last hurdle for the Maize & Blue to clear, but it also appears to have been the biggest.

“(Distance) definitely played a big role with my family,” Asiasi admitted.  “I know family my really wants to see me play on the next level. They really want to come see me and stuff like that. But at the end of the day I said I have to find the school that I’m most comfortable with… where I’m going to enjoy the four years of my life there.  So distance didn’t really matter to me, honestly.  It’s just I wanted to go somewhere I felt comfortable and where I felt it was a good fit for me… the best fit for me.”

For most of Asiasi’s recruitment few recruiting observers gave Michigan much of a chance of being that school, but in the end it was his official visit to Ann Arbor two weeks before signing day that was the game-changer.

“I enjoyed the time with the players there,” said Asiasi.  “They showed me a lot of good things and they showed me the family feel I was looking for in a school, the players having a (good) relationship with the coaches, and obviously the education. Everybody knows it’s one of the top schools in the nation.  Those were the things that really stood out to me, (but) mostly because of the players being so close and having such a good relationship with all of them.  That’s basically what I was looking for and I found that over there.”

He also found the substance behind the talk that Michigan is the most tight end friendly program in the country.

“I sat down with Coach Jay Harbaugh and we went over film for like an hour or an hour and a half… I forgot (how long),”Asiasi stated.  “It was a long time.   We were just talking football, watching film, and I was loving it.  So he had me in there for a minute just going over all of the plays that he runs, the blocking schemes, techniques and all of that.  That really attracted me too.”

Those factors alone were probably enough to seal the deal for the Maize & Blue, but a few words from his future teammate David Long certainly didn’t hurt.

“I heard he mentioned he was trying to recruit me, Boss, and another dude,” Asiasi said laughingly.  “He was hitting me up a little bit telling me to come and always think blue and all of that stuff.  He was the only one that really tried to reach out to me.  That’s just because we’re in Cali and the Westside has got to stay connected.”

With his recruitment now behind him Asiasi’s attention has turned to preparing for the next stage of his life and career.  While most think that means getting his mind conditioned to deal with exaggerated descriptions of cold Michigan winters, the Golden State star takes issue with any suggestion that he isn’t tough enough for them.  However, he does acknowledge just a tiny bit of nervousness.

“It gets cold where I’m from,” Asiasi aid laughingly.  “It’s gets cold. It doesn’t get snowy though.  That’s going to be a whole different thing for me. I don’t know nothing about no snow. (Laughter)  But it gets cold up here in the Bay.  It’s a little different in SoCal.  It’s (colder) up here in NorCal.  So I think I can handle it.  The only thing I’ve got to get used to is the snow.  I don’t know nothing about no snow. (Laugher).”

“I’m just working.  Every day working out, lifting, trying to get my weight down to an attainable 260 – 255.  Then I’ll go from there


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