Tim Drevno says Zach Gentry has 'grabbed the bull by the horns' with position switch, likes Wheatley Jr. at TE

Michigan offensive coordinator Tim Drevno talks about Zach Gentry's position change and Tyrone Wheatley Jr's size.

BRADENTON, Fla. -- There's no mistaking Zach Gentry's size on the football field. A towering 6-foot-7, the Michigan coaching staff believed that they could find other uses out of the redshirt freshman instead of waiting for his shot at quarterback.

So, they switched him to tight end. Something U-M offensive coordinator Tim Drevno says he embraced fully.

"Zach Gentry is a big, tall guy," Drevno said. "A big target, he reminds me of a tight end, Evan Moore, at Stanford who played there. He's that type of guy who you could split him out, put him down and he's a really good athlete. I really like Zach, he's really taken the bull by the horns and really liking the position change and really being a team guy that wants the best for the team."

Of course, just because Gentry switched positions doesn't mean he failed as a quarterback. Not by a longshot, says Drevno. In fact, the team felt like Gentry filled needs at the tight end position.

"We just felt like it's a good opportunity for him to play there," Drevno said. "Not saying that we don't think he can be a quarterback but we felt that we have a need for him at the tight end position."

After being injured early in fall camp, Tyrone Wheatley Jr. missed a chance to see the playing field his freshman year. Now, with a playing weight that could absolutely allow him to see the field this season, many are wondering whether he is the right size for a tight end. A switch to offensive lineman could make sense for Wheatley since he is so large.

However, if anyone knows about offensive lines its going to be Drevno. He likes Wheatley right where's he's at.

"He's been a tight end and that's his position," Drevno said. "It's always nice to have a big body there, he's a big body guy. He can move people off the ball and I always think he can go out and run a pattern. He can work a guy, those little short routes by the tight end is kind of playing the boards in basketball. Big target, put the ball over here and you're running with it and go. It's hard, you want a blocking tight end and they're hard to find."

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