Jourdan Lewis discusses Don Brown's defensive scheme

Michigan defensive back Jourdan Lewis discusses the positives of a Don Brown defense.

BRADENTON, Fla. -- The spring has allowed the Michigan defense to adjust to what new defensive coordinator Don Brown has brought to campus. Despite the schemes slightly differing in some aspects, leaders on the defense have been enjoying the time with Brown so far.

"He's been extremely fun to work with," Jourdan Lewis said. "He lets us do what we do best, which is man (coverage.) He has some coverages that will mix it up so I'm excited... It's a lot of man, at the same time, he relieves pressure sometimes but it'll still be the same secondary back there."

Brown's defense loves to revolve around bringing pressure from every possible angle. If you're on the field ready to make plays, be prepared to blitz. As a corner, Lewis is preparing to lick his chops once the regular season finally gets started again. With linebackers being able to drop back in coverage and the defensive line has some depth, the defense is prepared to make the defensive backs jobs that much easier.

"That always makes our job easier," Lewis said. "We have a hoss of a defensive line and our linebackers can drop back in coverage now. With their help, it should be pretty interesting."

While not much has changed with the defense, Lewis believes that the team is in a better spot than it was last season. Even with two defensive coordinators in two seasons, he feels that his defense is far more prepared to succeed compared to where they were last season.

"How fast we picked up the defense," Lewis said. "That embodies how much experience we have going into last year compared to this year. There was a little learning curve last year but this year we're kind of comfortable adapting to things and just getting the feel of the game."

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