Michigan senior Spike Albrecht says he'll weight his options after the Wolverines' season wraps up, making progress with rehabilitation.

Michigan senior Spike Albrecht says he'll weight his options after the Wolverines' season wraps up, making progress with rehabilitation.

This year was supposed to be different.

The final go round for seniors Caris LeVert and Spike Albrecht almost assuredly meant Michigan would be in the thick of the Big Ten Conference race and guaranteed a spot in the 2016 NCAA tournament.

But it wasn't meant to be.

For Albrecht specifically, his season was over essentially before it got started. Unable to return to 100-percent following off-season surgery to both hips, Albrecht made the decision to shut it down for the season in December.

Since that time though, Albrecht's options seem to have opened up a bit. Sitting out early enough in the season due to injury, Albrecht is eligible for a medical redshirt that could grant him one more year with the Wolverines, or potentially as a graduate transfer elsewhere.

"(I'm) still trying to see what happens in a few months if I get healthy," Albrecht said. "I'll have to talk to Coach B, reevaluate things but I can't tell the future until I give it a few more months and see how I'm feeling."

"If I'm fully healthy maybe that's something I would consider," added Albrecht. "But, right now I have no idea."

As of right now, Albrecht continues to work toward a potential return to the court in any capacity. According to doctors and trainers, things are looking good.

"I got my latest images or MRI's a couple weeks ago," Albrecht said.. "They said things are looking good, progressing but still they said I'm at the nine or 10 month mark and it probably wouldn't be until the 12 month mark until you start feeling normal again."

"My rehab, I'm doing a lot of crazy stuff," he added. "I do a ton of stretching but a lot of it is like mobilizing, I can't do it."

Albrecht says he's even begun transitioning from mobility training to leg strengthening, slowly doing some work for Michigan's scout team in practice to see how he reacts.

Putting a potential wrench in a possible return to Michigan for a fifth year is the fact that all of the Wolverines scholarships are currently spoken for heading into 2016-17.

That's a conversation for a different day with Coach Beilein though.

"Haven't really had a conversation with him about it just cause like you guys know, I know the scholarship situation and things like that," he said. 

"But I also know at this time that I'm not feeling like I'm ready to play. I always told him I'm not going to come back and eat up a scholarship if I can't come back and help."

Regardless of what transpires in the coming months, Albrecht plans to enjoy the on the court ceremony at Crisler Center Saturday night when the Wolverines host Iowa.

"I'm definitely embracing it like it's senior day," he said. "I've been here, it seems like forever and now it's just me and Caris. At this point in time I feel like I'm embracing it like it's senior day."

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