Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh gives positives reviews of U-M's spring practice experience.

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh wants to come back to Florida for spring back next year.

BRADENTON, Fla. -- Michigan's spring break practice tour is over, and U-M coach Jim Harbaugh couldn’t be more pleased.

“The feedback has been really good, the moral has been very, very high,” Harbaugh said after U-M’s fourth spring practice Friday evening. “The development has been very good in (terms) of team development, football development. But I also think it’s been really good in guys getting to know each other. Guys who don’t know somebody as well got a real opportunity.”

While coaches around the country – specifically the SEC and ACC – negatively campaigned against U-M’s spring practice trip, Harbaugh encourgaged others to join his cause inthe future.  

“It exceeded expectations,” Harbaugh said. “I would recommend this to other football programs. I would recommend this to us to do it again. There were no negatives. There were all positives.”

And while there some doubt that Michigan may be allowed to do this trip again next year, Harbaugh sees it otherwise.

“I don’t see why not?” Harbaugh said. “You know my feelings on it. Their arguments don’t hold water, this is really good thing. It’s a great thing for everyone involved. Most importantly the fellas --  it’s good.”

Adding: “Just being together,” Harbaugh said. “Being together and football – great moments. Inspiring moments, they really were.”

Michigan has 11 more practices left, cumulating with its annual spring game Friday evening on April 1.

But U-M’s four practices in Florida is what will be remembered this spring.

“I think everyone takes away what they take away,” Harbaugh said of the trip. “Like I said, the feedback has been all positive. Not any negatives. As a coach, I feel really good about it. I feel really good about what we accomplished here.

“On the level of player development, I’m happy with how we came together as a team. There is some things we probably can do better and we’ll always look to improve. Even have some thoughts on doing this again next spring and how we can make it even better. But multiple levels this has been a really good thing.”

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