Port Washington (Wisc.) junior offensive tackle Tyler Beach plans to make an early decision and the Wolverines are in great shape.

Port Washington (Wisc.) junior offensive tackle Tyler Beach reflects upon the memorable visit to Michigan that improved the Wolverines standing in his recruitment considerably.

Port Washington (Wisc.) junior offensive tackle Tyler Beach made the trip over to Michigan last Friday for a two day visit and came away extremely impressed.

“I visited the Business School of Ross and it is amazing program they have there,” said Beach. “I consider it brand new, but it is just a beautiful building and great academic prestigious program. I talked to the coaching staff as well. On Saturday I watched a little bit of practice and it was cool. They were in the stadium for part of practice and I thought that pretty was cool. There was a huge coaching clinic this weekend, so there were a lot of coaches there and you could see part of the stadium full. It was all pretty cool.”

“It was also really cool talking to Coach Drevno because he is a great guy. I love his attitude about everything and he has the same attitude as Coach Harbaugh with enthusiasm all the time. It was an amazing visit with meeting everyone and seeing the campus. I have never been down there before and the weather was beautiful.”

Beach also got a sneak peek at this new Wolverine football team and was impressed with it also.

“I thought they looked great,” said Beach. “They were learning and a lot of their younger guys were getting reps. You could tell they were learning a bunch and it was very organized. It was great.”

As memorable as the aforementioned experiences were, there was one aspect of the visit that stood out above all the rest.

“My favorite part of the whole visit would probably be talking to Coach Harbaugh,” said Beach. “I never met him in person until now, but he’s just a positive person and always has something to talk about. I didn’t have any negatives about him and he’s a straightforward guy and will tell you like it is. He will make a joke with you and laugh, but he’s always enthusiastic all the time.”

The 6-6, 270-pounder hope to make an early decision and after his trip to Michigan, the Wolverines are in prime contention.

“I wouldn’t say I have a top list, but Michigan would be one of my top schools,” said Beach. Hopefully, I will try to get back up, maybe for the spring game. “

“I plan on making a decision in later April or maybe May. “The biggest things I will take in consideration is I mean every school have great facilities, every school is going to have great academics, so it will come down to the coaches and the people that are at that university. Those people will be my friends in the next forty years.”

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