Will WR Ryan Graves Leave the West Coast?

<b>Ryan Graves</b> is The Insiders #89 ranked player in the West. His list of favorites is heavy with Left Coast schools. But is he looking East for his football future? I spoke with him Tuesday afternoon to find out.

Ryan Graves (6-1, 165 lbs., 4.5 in the 40, 3.12 GPA, 640 SAT) played for Pasadena Muir last season. After a coaching change at Muir he decided to join his cousin, B.J. Vickers, at Venice High School. "The new staff uses a Wing-T type of offense and they wanted me to play QB and receiver. I'm a receiver and I didn't want to play QB, so I was looking for something that would fit me better. My cousin told me Venice would be a great school for me so I transferred."

Graves lists all the Pac 10 schools excpet for Cal and Stanford as having extended offers, along with Boston College and Tulane. Does he have an offer from Michigan? "U-M Coach Ron English called me in May and said Michigan wanted to offer me. He said they wanted me to come back for a visit in September for the Notre Dame game. I talked to the receivers coach (Erik Campbell) too, and he told me Michigan really like me." he went on, "Right now my top schools are Arizona State, UCLA, USC, Michigan, and Oregon. I liked Michigan before, but I didn't know a lot about the school until Coach English moved there and started telling all the great things about it. They've always had a great football team, plus they like tall receivers and it's a good school academically. Right now I want to major in business but that could change."

It will be tough to get the gifted wide out away from California, "I want to go where my talent will be best used. I want to feel comfortable and right now that is in California. My family is all here, and UCLA's home field (The Rose Bowl) is in my home town. So, everyone could come and see me play. But I'll go where I feel right. I'm looking at other schools besides the ones here and if things work out good for me at a certain school then I'll go there. So, Michigan has a realistic shot."

Graves ran a 4.5 40 at the USC Nike Camp, but claims that wasn't his best performance, "Man, I had a bad day that day. I run a consistent 4.4 in the 40."

Graves plans on making a decison after the season.

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