Michigan junior Chase Winovich is comfortable in his role at defensive end in 2016.

Michigan junior Chase Winovich is comfortable in his role at defensive end in 2016.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – Chase Winovich has worn many hats since coming to Michigan as a highly touted linebacker recruit out of Clariton (Pa.) Thomas Jefferson in 2014.  

In fact, he’s played linebacker, fullback and most recently tight end last season for the Wolverines.

Now entering his junior season at U-M, Winovich is going back to his roots – defense – but this time he’s lining up off the edge at defensive end, after convincing tight end’s coach Jay Harbaugh to let him make the move this off-season. 

“I was talking to some family members, and I have said this before and usually gets laughs, but it’s true, my name is Chase, my goal and my heart was on the defense,” Winovich said on the move to defensive end.  

But why did Winovich choose defense end and not linebacker?

“I think the defense that coach (Greg) Mattison ran, he recruited me as Jake Ryan’s protégé,” Winovich said of his recruitment. “You know, learn from (Ryan) and take on that SAM linebacker role. But with coach (Don) Brown, this is different. Not only am I playing defensive end for him, but there is times and packages where I am standing up, I’m blitzing, I’m that guy. There are other times where I have my hand in the dirt and I am defensive end.”

And the move to defensive end has been a mindset Winovich has accepted with his own unique mottos.

“My change to defensive end came a lot easier than it did to tight end, in my opinion,” Winovich said. “Like in spring ball last year, my motto was ‘steady as a beaten drum,’ which is a Pocahontas song. It just talks about going everyday and just going at it and giving it all you got.”

Adding: “Where my brother sent me this link, it’s Bruce Lee. …  He talks about being like water,” Winovich said. “Water can flow, waster can crash. Put water in a cup, it becomes the cup. Just that’s kind of the motto I took, a mind-shift for me and take that into defensive end.”

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