Vernon Gholston Update

The Detroit Cass Tech Senior to be informs of of the new developments in his recruitment after his summer camp tour.

Vernon Gholston is one of the state of Michigan's top athletes. He posted impressive statistics at every camp he attended this summer. Michigan High School prep guru Jim S. clued us in early on this hidden talent. For those that missed that report, click here. Jim's commentary shed a little light on why many schools are just now discovering this raw talent. Vernon's primary position was on the offensive line last year. However, he's been working out and end this summer and has turned a few heads at that position. That certainly was the case when he burned up the turf with his smokehouse winning 40 yard dash at the UM summer camp.

Recently, Mr. Gholston filled GBW in on where his recruitment stands as of now.

What position did you play last year?

"Offensive guard."

What position will you play this year?

"I'll be playing defensive end and linebacker."

Did you play any defense last year?

"I played some end."

How did Michigan's camp go for you?

"I went one day and it went pretty well. I worked out at defensive end. I ran a 4.56 forty and had a 34.5 inch vertical."

What coaches did you talk to while you were there?

"I spoke with Coach Sheridan."

Have any Michigan coaches been in contact with you since you left camp?

"Yes, I've spoken with Coach Campbell. He told me that they were planning to offer me."

What schools have offered you so far?

"Michigan State and Ohio State."

Did you camp at both schools?


Do you have a favorite right now?

"No, not really."

Do you have a top 5?

"Yes. Michigan, Ohio State, Michigan State, Iowa, and Miami."

Will playing time be a big factor in your decision?

"No it won't. I'm not a person that thinks I have to be on the field immediately. I'd rather go in and fight for a spot instead of going somewhere where there's no competition."

Do you have any official visits set up yet?

"No, not yet."

Do you still plan to wait until the end to make your decision?

"Well, I wanted to make my decision before the season, but now I don't know. We'll have to see how things go."

What's your GPA and test score?

"My GPA is 2.9 and I made a 960 on the SAT."

We'll check back with Vernon periodically to see if Michigan's interest indeed increases.

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