John Beilein focused on rest during quick turnaround

Michigan coach John Beilein talks about the quick turnaround his team must face to play Notre Dame on Friday.

DAYTON, Ohio -- It wasn't pretty but Michigan found a way to move on and face Notre Dame in Brooklyn in the next round of the NCAA Tournament.

With a late tip tonight, the Wolverines are facing yet another late tip off when facing off against the Irish on Friday. According to head coach John Beilein, his team must face an incredibly quick turnaround from leaving Ohio and heading to New York in one night with only one day of rest in between.

In between meets and watching film, Beilein made something very clear in his post game discussion. The team must get some rest.

"What I understand we're getting on a plane tonight and going to Brooklyn tonight," Beilein said. "It's going to be like three or four in the morning we're going to get in there. So we're going to probably have this first time I'll probably ever say to the guys: All right, sleep until noon. We'll worry about Notre Dame after that. We won't have any morning meetings or anything. It's all new to me. I'm glad I've experienced it. And been in the tournament a lot, but this is a new one. I think our kids love this win just like as they do any NCAA win. So it's a good feeling. But we've got a lot of adjustments. Now, I don't know anything about Notre Dame. I haven't watched one of their games. I'll be doing that on the plane tonight. And we'll just figure out a way to get some rest tomorrow and also it's almost like you win on the first round, you've got a second-round game, gotta turn around quickly."

U-M has found themselves playing a lot of basketball over the course of the last few days. However, it didn't take the attention away from their opponent in Tulsa on Wednesday night. If anything, the Golden Hurricane proved to U-M, and perhaps the rest of the country, that they deserved their bid into the NCAA Tournament. Blame it on lack of rest or blame it on what you will, the Wolverines struggled to shoot the ball throughout the game.

Once it got to crunch time, Beilein said his players knew how to put it away.

"First of all, we watched in two days a ton of Tulsa film," Beilein said. "We have so much respect for that team. Those seniors on that team, they deserve to be in the NCAA Tournament. They proved it today. They're really a difficult matchup for us. They drove me crazy with trying to figure out how to guard their quickness, how to guard those three left-handed guards at one time, and they were terrific today.

"And so were our guys. We couldn't make a shot. We just played Thursday, Friday, Saturday, traveled back Sunday, and then all of a sudden we're playing again. I think we felt it a little bit but we didn't feel it in the last couple of minutes when we made all the right plays."

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