DBs coach Brian Smith talks Peppers, secondary

Defensive backs coach Brian Smith talks Jabrill Peppers and secondary.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- Brian Smith had his first opportunity to speak with the media on Thursday since his hiring a few weeks ago.

While he is a man of few words, the obvious conversational piece in Jabrill Peppers came up. With Peppers appearing at linebacker in the fall and Smith being the safeties coach for Michigan, Smith's opinion reflects other coaches who have worked with Peppers in the past.

No matter where you put him, he's going to learn the position.

"He's the type of player where he's smart enough to play wherever we put him," Smith said. "On offense, defense... He's smart enough where he can learn it."

Now, does that mean Smith is a little upset he might not get to work with him if the move to linebacker is more of a permanent thing for Peppers? Not quite. Smith is just glad that U-M has a talent like Peppers to call their own.

"As long as he's on the team it doesn't matter where he's at," Smith said.

As for the secondary in general, there won't be any added pressure to perform as well as they did last season. Smith believes as long as the secondary works hard and improves every single day, all will work itself out in the end.

"We can't worry about pressure we have to worry about getting better every day," Smith said. "That's our attitude when we come in the building, just improving, learning the system and working hard. That's really our main focus."

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