Khalid Hill finds FB inspiration in Joe Kerridge, Sione Houma

Michigan fullback Khalid Hill discusses his transition to the new position and the players he tries to replicate.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- Heading into season two of the Jim Harbaugh era at Michigan, the program hasn't been afraid of moving players around to find strengths at positions of need.

One position in particular the Wolverines need to fill is at the fullback position. With both Joe Kerridge and Sione Houma graduating, the next fullback in line has some large shoes to fill. With the tight end position at a bit of a logjam right now, Harbaugh and the offensive staff decided to give tight end Khalid Hill a shot at fullback.

It was a bit of an adjustment at first for Hill. But, just like most things in life, practice makes perfect.

"At the beginning I was about a four," Hill said. "Now I'm like an eight, I'm good now, carrying the ball and everything. We work on it every day, the more you work at it the better you get. That's what we plan on doing, just keep working."

There's no mistaking the involvement fullbacks had in the U-M offense last season. With Harbaugh looking to continue the trend, Hill is having to learn how to carry the ball first and catching second. When asked if he had a few carries so far this spring, Hill went as far as saying he might've even broken a long gain, too.

"A couple of carries, you know, just carrying the ball," Hill said. "I broke one I think one time (laughs.) I'm just getting used to carrying the ball out the backfield."

For Hill, it'd be easy to take tape of excellent fullback play from across the NCAA or NFL. However, luckily for him, he doesn't have to look very far for inspiration and tips to better his play at the fullback position. In fact, he says the most tape he looks at are of his former teammates from a year ago.

"Sione (Houma) and Joe (Kerridge,)" Hill said. "Those guys were perfect examples of fullbacks in my eyes. That's why I said they set the standard so high for us. I watch Joe and I watch Sione and I just try to mimic what they did on the field. Try to get it where they were at, I'm trying to work my hardest to get there."

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