Jim Harbaugh gushes about Ty Isaac's demeanor this spring

Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh exclusively sat down with The Michigan Insider to discuss Ty Isaac's demeanor this spring and more.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- Ty Isaac's first season playing for Michigan was a bit of a disappointment. Isaac knows it, the coaching staff knows it, and he is determined to turn things around.

With senior running back De'Veon Smith essentially locked in as the number one running back as of right now, there is an opportunity to see the field behind him if Isaac wants it. For U-M coach Jim Harbaugh, he exclusively sat down with The Michigan Insider to discuss a myriad of topics. Isaac's play was, of course, a discussion that was had.

Harbaugh has noticed a complete change in demeanor in Isaac.

"(I've noticed) a harder rougher guy. He just does," Harbaugh said. "There's never an excuse. Just harder. You watch him just get rougher and get harder right before your eyes. I'm really pleased. Really pleased the way he is doing that now. Where some of the outside runs are something he is really good at, taking the responsibility of being a guy that run between the guards... run between the tackles... stick it up in there... lower his shoulder pads when he crosses the line of scrimmage and start embracing that and knowing, 'I've got to get a little better at that.' I've seen that. Just harder. That's a good thing for a football player. So you can say one month being truly tested under the fire... good things happen, bad things happen, but (he's) just more focused and is being about it. And he was never a talker or a complainer or anything, but there's nothing but kind of a steely-eyed look at what he is doing. And he is doing it. Most importantly he is just doing it. So he is a guy I got really excited about.”

Another player who Harbaugh likened to Isaac was sophomore offensive lineman Grant Newsome. Newsome burst onto the scene in the later stages of the 2015 season by impressing the coaching staff and earning playing time on the offensive line as a true freshman. 

"Same way I've kind of described Ty (Isaac)... (Newsome) is getting hard because he has to," Harbaugh said. "He is a tough guy. Doesn't take nothing off of anybody. Really kind of adopting that mentality of a guy like Kyle Kalis."

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