Jourdan Lewis talks leadership role, Channing Stribling's emergence

Michigan senior corner Jourdan Lewis discusses his leadership role and the emergence of Channing Stribling this spring.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- It's the last set of spring practices for senior cornerback Jourdan Lewis.

An All-American selection a season ago, Lewis is trying to build off an extremely personally successful season on the football field. While many thought he'd be preparing for the NFL Draft this time last season, he returned to lead a group of talented cornerbacks that are ready to make an even bigger impact this season.

For Lewis, he knows he doesn't have to do anything special to lead. Just like the Jim Harbaugh mantra goes, he wants to be about it and not talk about it when it comes to being a team leader.

"My leadership role is just playing by example," Lewis said. "Showing those guys what to do on the field and not talking to them as much as showing them what's supposed to be done on the football field and how you're supposed to carry yourself on and off the field. That's pretty much what it is, showing by example. Not much a verbal leader more so exemplary."

With Lewis taking up one side of the field, senior corner back Channing Stribling seems to have locked down the other side of the field this spring. With year number two in relatively the same defense, Stribling has always had playmaking abilities according to Lewis. Sometimes it's more about slowing things down and letting it come to you instead of forcing something to happen.

"Playmaker," Lewis said. "Honestly, he's a playmaker. When we got here he was comfortable in the defense. When we first got here as freshman you could see that, he's a playmaker. Once he was forcing it and thinking too much, you could see it kind of effect him. Once he's himself and he just gets to be himself, he's one of the best out there."

Stribling's success this season wasn't about wanting it more than last year. According to Lewis, nothing has changed in his demeanor this spring. Both he and Stribling know what's at stake this season and the understanding of how everything works is becoming clear by the day.

"I just think he knows what's at stake and it's not about hunger," Lewis said. "It's just that he understands how he's supposed to go about practice. Everything is, I guess the preparation part, is not hard but hungry. He's always a hungry a guy, always been a very talented guy that can do everything on the football field. He just understands now. It's going to be exciting to see him this year."

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