Initial Post-Announcement Henne Q&A

Chad Henne's post-annnouncement press conference, with GBW's Don Hoekwater firing off the questions!<br><br> First excerpts: more to come from Don!

Don is getting in most of the questions to Chad Henne -- heck, he's even bigger than Chad!

Don's question: You made an unofficial visit to U-M right after the Michigan Camp. Who did you talk to when you visited Michigan? "The two people from the Michigan team I talked to when I visited in June were Tim Massaquoi (also from Eastern Pa.) and John Navaarre. John took me around most of the time -- they both did really."

Did you talk to Zack Mills at PSU? "When I visited Penn State I said 'Hi' to Zack Mills, but didn't really talk to him or anything ... not like I did Navarre at Michigan."

Regarding going from Pa. to play for U-M: "It won't be hard coming from Pennsylvania and playing for Michigan -- others have done it. I'll still be going home to West Lawn from college, but once I'm there -- I'm totally a Michigan man!"

Don's question: have you talked to other U-M recruits? "Well, I talked to Mike Hart when we were visiting Michigan together."

Don's question: will you be more active talking to other U-M recruits now? "Yes, definitely! For one thing, I'm going to be out looking for offensive linemen to protect my butt, that's for sure!"

"I don't have a bye week this year so I don't know when I'll get to visit Michigan for a game this fall for a game."

Regarding Miami: "I didn't go to Miami because they already have five All-American quarterbacks there."

More to come from Don Hoekwater!

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