Warde Manuel says partnership with Nike, Jumpman puts U-M on 'cutting edge'

Michigan athletic director Warde Manuel talks U-M's upcoming partnership with Nike and Jumpman.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- The long-awaited partnership between the Michigan athletic department and Nike will begin on August 1st.

With the partnership with the iconic Jumpman brand the only piece of public knowledge, the look and other pieces of the partnership have yet to be publicly announced. When U-M athletic director Warde Manuel was asked how the school plans on celebrating the partnership with Nike, he politely reminded reporters that the contract with Adidas and still valid.

For now, wait until August 1.

"Officially Nike becomes our apparel supplier August 1st," Manuel said. "We are proud of the relationship we had with Adidas but on August 1st we will officially again become a Nike apparel school. At that point in the time, I will have a breakdown of all the things that are being planned. But on August 1st at that point in time is when we will celebrate the relationship."

As for how he sees the partnership with the Jumpman logo in basketball and football, which very few programs participate in, he believes it puts the U-M athletic program a cut above the rest. That, of course, plays a major role in recruiting down the line by setting the program apart from everyone else.

"I think it's cool," Manuel said. "The Jumpman brand is really established as an elite brand under Nike. I think obviously with what Nike and Michael Jordan have done to elevate that, to have our teams and our kids to wear Jumpman apparel does put us on the cutting edge. It's elite stuff Nike develops and we're going to be proud to wear it."

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