Ty Isaac dialed in, ready to put last season behind him

After a poor season a year ago, Michigan running back Ty Isaac is dialed in and ready to put it behind him.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- It wasn't the greatest of debut seasons for Ty Isaac.

Despite playing sparingly during his first season being able to play football after fulfilling his NCAA transfer duties, Isaac seemed to fall right of out of the running back rotation at a plummeting rate a year ago. Now, fast forward to the current spring, Isaac looks like a completely different running back. Prepared, leaner and dialed in. Isaac knows what's at stake.

What happened last year happened, but a series of unfortunate events also contributed to the decline.

"It started in spring," Isaac said about his struggles last season. "I got banged up in practice, which is a setback. The new staff, they don't see you play that much is a setback. I had an al lright fall camp, didn't really put things together in the season. Didn't play as much as I wanted to but lucky enough I have more seasons to play. I'm trying to fix it now."

Isaac also put in the work during the offseason to lose weight and body fat, which has made a huge difference in his conditioning. Isaac says he has lost 14 pounds and five percent body fat, which he says he is currently right around nine percent. Something he can feel immediately.

"The difference between 10 pounds and 15 pounds is huge," Isaac said. "I can even tell during conditioning stuff, you feel better moving around and when you get tired its not as hard to move around. I definitely feel better and just want to continue on this track."

Isaac was clearly the best running back during the spring game with number one running back De'Veon Smith not seeing many snaps. It's another step to getting back into the good graces of the coaching staff and also being able to see snaps during the season. Isaac was pleased with his spring game performance and credits holding himself accountable for success.

"It was good, I feel good about it," Isaac said. "Definitely feel like I progressed as a player just getting a lot more familiar with the playbook. Playing better, I think accountability was a big thing. Kind of holding myself accountable. If I set a goal or I said I was going to do something, making sure I go out and do it. I feel good about it."

What exactly made Isaac put it all together? At this point, it's not about physical ability. With losing weight and putting himself in better game shape, he knows he can get the job done. For him, it's more of a mental thing. Making sure his mind is in it for the long haul.

And there's no denying Isaac is all in this season.

"I would say so, just real dialed in," Isaac said. "Like I said, these past five, six months I've had some time to learn about myself, think and map out what I wanted to do and get done. So far I feel like I'm on track but I still have some stuff to do."


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