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Jim Harbaugh comments on Drake Johnson's accident, expects full recovery

Jim Harbaugh comments on Drake Johnson's status after a freak accident involving a lift injured the running back earlier this week.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- After rumors were floating around the Internet ($) on Wednesday surrounding Michigan running back Drake Johnson and an accident involving a lift, the university confirmed that an accident indeed took place at the indoor track and field building on Wednesday via a statement:

"On Wednesday an accident occurred at the indoor track & field building involving student-athlete Drake Johnson. He was evaluated by a U-M Athletic Department Team Physician and was referred to the U-M Health System for further evaluation."

Despite the potential severity of the accident, Johnson had tweeted a vague message Wednesday before the news started to leak out.

U-M head coach Jim Harbaugh was available to speak during the Big Ten's spring teleconference and gave his thoughts on the accident and Johnson's status.

Harbaugh elected to let the Johnson family speak about the matter but says he is doing well.

“I was with the family last night and I’ll let them comment on all of the specifics," Harbaugh said. "I think it would be better coming from Drake or his family. But he’s doing well. I can tell you this, it would've killed a lesser man. He is blue twisted steel. He’s very flexible and amazing. It’s one of those miraculous things and he is doing well.”

In terms of how long the recovery process will take for Johnson, Harbaugh says in his non-medical professional opinion that the recovery time should only be a few weeks.

That in itself, with all things considered, is a miracle.

“To the best that I know,  I’m not a doctor or anything, talking to him, a week or two, or three at the most," Harbaugh said. "So it’s a miracle right up there with Easter. Just thanking God. Thank God that he’s alright. That’s my thoughts on it.”

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