Drew Singleton’s father is encouraging his son to not drag the recruiting process out.

In part two of our interview with the father of Paramus (N.J.) Catholic linebacker Drew Singleton, he discusses the possibility of his son expediting his timeline.

With recent visits to Michigan and Clemson now Next on Drew Singleton's agenda is to give other suitors the opportunity to make the similar strong impressions.

"Right now we're going to Penn State. We're going to their spring game on Saturday (April 16th). Nothing big, nothing heavy… just going to drive up Saturday morning, hang out, and talk to the coaches.  They've been on me about coming up there, even for practices just to sit down with Drew and get a feel for Drew and what he wants in a program.  (They want to) see if they can throw their hat in the ring and see what comes of it. Penn State is a good school.  I like the coaching staff there. I haven't really sat down and spoken with them about too much yet, but we'll try to do some of that Saturday before the spring game.”

“I asked Drew, he doesn't have a leader or anything like that but we kind of know who will be in the mix at the end.  He's been to Clemson twice, Michigan four or five times, and every time he comes away he comes away with something different that he likes (about Michigan) and something from Clemson that he likes. We've got to get out west as well. Got to get to Cal Berkeley. They've been in contact as well. Auburn has been very consistent, Pitt, Maryland have been very consistent."

Once those visits are out of the way the Garden State star may be ready to make a decision.  The question now is will he take them all before the beginning of the season.

"I'm trying (to get them scheduled) If I can afford it,” Mr. Singleton said laughingly.  “I'm trying because I want him to focus on what he needs to focus on… school, academics, and finishing up strong and playing good football. You try to play good football, not answer a coach (during the season). You want to talk to everybody, don't want coaches to feel like you're blowing them off and there's pressure there. I want him to get it done. Enjoy your senior season, have fun, and get to know the school even more."

"(Drew) would love to commit or make an announcement on my dad's birthday which is Oct. 25. But we know it may not go that far. It may not go to October, so we're just trying to get busy now, get these (visits) out of the way.  (We’ll be) taking notes about what we like about a school and what we don't like about a school, just comparing notes and make this decision before summer practices. I don't know if in August we can get away (to take visits).  We might have a week vacation in August before practice. Maybe fly out here, take a trip there, and a trip there, and get it all out of the way."

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