2018 Detroit Country Day linebacker Kolin Demens received his second offer from the University of Michigan.

Almost nine years after Michigan offered then Detroit Country Day standout Kenny Demens the Wolverines made the same gesture toward his little brother, rising 2018 Detroit Country Day linebacker Kolin Demens.

Recruiting is just in the beginning stages for Kolin Demens, but the Detroit (Mich.) Country Day standout already knows that few experiences during the long process will be as memorable as the one he had Tuesday. That was the day the younger brother of former Michigan linebacker Kenny Demens received news he had been dreaming about since he was a little kid.

The Wolverines offered him a scholarship.

"I didn't see it coming,” Demens said with a smile that beamed through the phone.  “I (believed) that it was coming. I was hoping it was coming basically."

"Coach (Don) Brown, the defensive coordinator, is the only coach I've talked to. He was a nice guy. I like him a lot actually. He didn't go into too much detail.  He just talked about how he was impressed with my tape and that he liked my speed and that it will fit well with the defense."

It took a moment for the Brown’s words to sink in. Once they did the talented youngster composed himself so he could share the news with those closest to him.
"I was excited,” said Demens. “I was in my coach’s office and I couldn't believe it at first. I was shocked, like, ‘what?!’ It was crazy."

"I told my mom first. My mom cried. She was crying on the phone. (Laughter.)"

"I called Kenny next.  He was asleep at the time because it was like 10:00 am here and it was like 7:00 am there. So he called me back… FaceTimed me.  He was so excited. He couldn't believe it. He was just excited, like, ‘dang! That's crazy. My little brother.’"

It didn’t seem possible for anyone to be more excited for Demens than his big brother was. That was before he heard from his uncles… famed New York City designers (by way of Detroit) Shane and Shawn Ward.

"They texted me as soon as they found out,” Demens recalled. “They were all over it. They talk to me about recruiting a lot.  They are huge Michigan fans. HUGE! The biggest I've ever met in my life. (Laughter). They're extremely excited."

It was a day that Demens won’t soon forget, and yet he is making it a point to keep things in perspective. While Michigan will undoubtedly be a major factor in his recruitment throughout, he is intent on learning more about his growing list of suitors and giving each of them a fair chance.

“Michigan will always be up there,” he said plainly.  “I've always been a Michigan fan. I've been around it for a long time. My whole life basically. I don't want to go there just because (Kenny) went there. I would love to go there, though."

"I’m looking at Nebraska also.  They were the first school to offer me (back in January).  I'm looking at UCLA a lot, Notre Dame, and Michigan State. I haven't talked to any coaches from UCLA but a couple of coaches followed me back and stuff like that. That's what I'm looking at right now. Also (Arizona State), where my brother is at." (Kenny Demens plays for the Arizona Cardinals).

When the time comes to make a decision, one factor will be considered above all others.

"(The biggest) would be where my mom would be,” said Demens.  “She would have to move wherever I go. Like if I was to go West Coast, Cali or Arizona, she would move. She would have to because that's where all of us would be. That's really the biggest thing. I have family over there.  That's the biggest thing. My mom being able to come."

For now the rising junior-to-be is focused on getting out on campus visits and also on improving his game by attending camps in the coming months.

"I'm thinking about going to Michigan State this Saturday for the spring game,” he said.  “I'm planning on going (to Michigan) in June for a camp. I’ll be going to some other camps also"

"I'm 6-2 right now, 205 lbs., and I run a 4.5 40. I want to just become more muscular. I want to be faster and stronger.  My game is different than Kenny's. Kenny had the (football) smarts.  He knew where the ball was going to be always. My game is I have to find where the ball is. I have to get better with (reading keys). That's just something I have to get better with. He had the smarts down. I've just got the more athletic ability than him."

That’s right. Baby brother is already taller and faster that big brother.

“Way faster,” he added laughingly.


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