Navarre Comments from Media Day

After Lloyd Carr's Press Conference the media was allowed to talk to the players on the Crisler Arena Court. I had a chance to ask Michigan QB <b>John Navarre</b> a few questions.

John, can you discuss your development since you've been here at Michigan?

"I think development-wise I was inexperienced...I was just going on raw talent. Once I grew into the system after a couple years I realized there was more to it through certain people and watching other people being a Michigan quarterback. That's one thing I wish I had early in my career was the mental part of the game, you know, just as much as my physical part. I don't think I matched that up well early in my career, once I brought that along, you know, things changed for me...I worked hard on that part of my game and I was able to do my job and do what's expected of me as being a Michigan quarterback and leading the offense."

How has your relationship with Coach Loeffler been with regards to your development?

"[It's been] very important. I think, you know, being a quarterback we have a family and we have a special relationship from the coach on down to the 6th or 7th string guy. We're a family, we work hard, we study film hard, and we study the offense just as hard and we have to have a family. I think our relationship is a friend/coach relationship where we can discuss anything, there's no boundries but there's always that respect on both sides. He's been absolutely instrumental in my development, especially in the last two and a half years, and earlier, you know, when I was a freshman he was a GA here. He's just been a great help and a great friend."

Chad Henne just committed to Michigan, can you talk about your conversations with him during his recruitment?

"He had some questions about Michigan, what it's like here, you know, I told him it's going to be a challenge, and [that he'll] be tested and that if [he] wants to be a part of a great program and want to be a great quarterback, and if you have aspirations for the NFL this is the place to come. I answered his questions honestly, I didn't sugar-coat anything. I told him this is where you want to come if you want to develop your skills as a quarterback this is the place to be."

What were some of the questions he asked?

"He wanted to know about the people here, what the coaches were like, specifics about the offense and the players and the area so I just answered them all honestly."

Do you feel that the offense is opening up more than when you first got here?

"Yeah, yeah I think so with the new system. I think we always had that capability years back, now we're just stressing that, we have the talent and we're going to use that when we can all over the field. I think what we'll be seeing is the product of that, we've always had that capability we just haven't used it as much."

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