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2016 NFL Draft: Michigan UDFA Roundup

Get a running list of where Michigan's undrafted free agents are headed after the NFL Draft's conclusion.

Michigan saw three players drafted yesterday in Graham Glasgow in the third round by the Lions, Willie Henry in the fourth round by the Ravens and Jake Rudock in the sixth round by the Lions.

The Wolverines also have an assortment of players that can find landing spots on NFL rosters with undrafted free agent deals or camp tryouts.

Here is where some Wolverines are headed. The list will be updated when more news comes out.

Jarrod Wilson, Jacksonville Jaguars

Wilson signed an UDFA deal with the Jaguars on Saturday.

Sione Houma, New Orleans Saints

Michigan's speedy fullback Sione Houma is headed to New Orleans on an UDFA deal.

Joe Kerridge, Washington Redskins

Michigan's second fullback, a walk-on turned captain, Joe Kerridge is headed to the Washington Redskins on an UDFA deal.

Mario Ojemudia, Baltimore Ravens

Mario Ojemudia was having a solid season before an achilles injury sidelined him for the rest of the season, which also damaged his draft prospects. Either way, Ojemudia will be headed to potentially play for another Harbaugh and his defensive line teammate Willie Henry.

James Ross, Baltimore Ravens

The Michigan Insider was able to confirm that James Ross is headed to Baltimore as a minicamp tryout.

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