Indianapolis (Ind.) Park Tudor 2017 PF Jaren Jackson talks Michigan interest and more.

Indianapolis (Ind.) Park Tudor 2017 PF Jaren Jackson talks Michigan interest and more.

Four-star 2017 power forward Jaren Jackson doesn’t need to talk to Michigan coach John Beilein everyday on the phone. He knows Michigan is very interested in him, and he admits, his interest level in the Wolverines is “very legit” as well.

“Even though I don’t talk to them as much as the other schools, definitely the same amount of (interest in Michigan),” Jackson said.

Why exactly? What stands out about Michigan that keep his interest?

“Beilein was one of my first (offers), they were probably my second one,” Jackson admits. “So I’m not really focused on if ‘he’s calling me every five days.’ I am going to focus on that they have a great system. They have a great coach. He knows me very well. He keeps up with me even if he’s not talking to me. So that’s cool.”

Jackson, who camped at U-M two summers ago, says he might even camp again this summer.

“I don’t know yet,” he said. “I haven’t been there in a minute. I went for elite camp a couple years ago. So I wasn’t as good as I am now.”

But if he does go up to U-M, this time  around Jackson says he has more of an idea of what he’ll be looking for during his visit.  

“Just more of how their roster is going to be,” he said. “I want more information about the team itself. I’ve seen the facilities and how the things go. I’m more about (how) their playing style is, more specific things about the team for my year I am committing.”

Other than Michigan, Jackson says his notable offers include: Pittsburg, Alabama, Michigan State, Maryland, Indiana, Butler, Purdue and Xavier.

“(I am) definitely looking for a more player-coach relationship,” he said of his recruitment. “You got to be cool with the coach. You go to be cool with the players. You definitely got to expect to come in and make an impact right off the jump. You’re not trying to be sitting all the time.”

As of right now, Jackson says she would like to announce his commitment sometime before January.

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