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Michigan coach John Beilein talks roster attrition, grad transfers on WTKA

Michigan head coach John Beilein spoke about the roster attrition his program suffered this offseason and the ways he will try to get those numbers back.

With the mass exodus of players exiting the Michigan program seemingly behind them, U-M head coach John Beilein must now pick up the pieces and figure out what to do next.

Having some wiggle room with scholarship numbers, there's many routes Beilein could look into to fill the obvious needs the team now has. For now, during his interview with WTKA 1050 with Sam Webb and Ira Weintraub Thursday morning, Beilein is taking a "wait and see" approach with scholarship numbers.

“We’ll wait and see,” Beilein said. “We only have 11 guys on scholarship. The thing is, do you take a guy now who will take a 17 or 18 scholarship? Do you go to the grad transfer market? It has to be the exact position you need. The good news is that we’ve got five starters back, the bad news is sometimes those guys behind them are looking at it saying I really want to play and I’m going to be a junior, how do I fit? This is a tough time to keep that roster the way you always want it to be. We took that huge class, it really was a huge class, it is to be expected. Because they were all vying for the same positions and they were all in the same class.

“We had no other choice with the raid from the NBA, which a good thing. We had Austin Hatch coming in, Duncan Robinson’s transfer and Mark Donnal’s redshirt all added to this really big class. We’ve had some change there and we’ll get through it, we’ll be fine.”

Instead of taking scholarship numbers away from future classes, it's likely that Beilein will find a one-year stop gap with a graduate transfer to fill some holes.

This potential player, however, must fit into a very specific criteria Beilein has for his program.

“We’re going to keep looking at the grand transfer market to see what’s out there and if anybody can come in,” Beilein said. “He’s gotta fit now, he’s got to be a good teammate, the right attitude we look for. We’ll do everything we can to get a guy that is either going to help us immediately. Whether he can be a starter or be like Aubrey was as a sixth man.”

News, Notes, Etc.:

- John Beilein says that D.J. Wilson will play this wing this season.
- Beilein says July/August training session will have 100% participation from the team, including the four incoming recruits.
- Derrick Walton and Andrew Dakich are currently on campus right now working out with Jon Sanderson.

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