2018 linebacker Antwuan Johnson says U-M commitment is still 'unreal'

Springfield (Ohio) 2018 linebacker Antwuan Johnson reflects on his commitment to Michigan and more.

WESTERVILLE, Ohio – Springfield (Ohio) 2018 linebacker Antwuan Johnson has been committed to Michigan for sometime now, and his commitment has just started to soak in, he admits.

“It’s soaked in,” Johnson said of U-M commitment. “It’s unreal, me growing up from the city, I grew up in the projects. It’s kind of rough. To (have this opportunity) in my life, it was kind of exciting for me.”

Already, Johnson has helped lure his Springfield teammate – 2017 DE Leonard Taylor – to join him in U-Ms 2018 class. However, he says his plan is to continue recruiting Ohio’s top prospects to eventually join him in Ann Arbor.

“I just want to secure the whole border, I feel like we need everybody,” Johnson said. “Then we’ll be alright.”

Next up with Michigan, Johnson says he plans to have his first one-on-one opportunity with U-M defensive coordinator Don Brown.

“I haven’t had a chance to talk to Don Brown one-on-one,” he said. “But the next time I get up there, I am going to sit down and talk to him and coach (Chris) Partridge.”

Adding: “The coaches that we really talk a lot, me and coach (Jim) Harbaugh, we have a great connection. I call him and check in him and see how the football team is doing, so we have a really good connection.”

In the meantime, Johnson says he’s just working individually this off-season to get better.

“I’m just working on my speed right now, speed training” he said. “A lot of people question whether I can drop into coverage. I am going to work on that the next two years. My tackling skills are through the roof, so I’m not worried about that.”


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