Detroit (Mich.) Cass Tech 2017 safety Jaylen Kelly-Powell on playing with his cousin Ambry Thomas in college, updates his recruitment & more

Detroit (Mich.) Cass Tech 2017 safety Jaylen Kelly-Powell on playing with his cousin Ambry Thomas in college, updates his recruitment and more.

WESTERVILLE, Ohio – Four-star 2017 safety Jaylen Kelly-Powell has the unique situation where he can go on campus visits with his cousin – 2017 cornerback Ambry Thomas -- who also happens to be a four-star recruit himself.

The talented duo try to go on campus visits together all the time, says Kelly-Powell, although both say they are not a definite combo deal when looking at schools, but it is something both players are considering.

“It’s really big for our family, really,” Kelly-Powell said of playing with Thomas in college. “Not everyone can say they did that in life, ‘I play with my cousin, I played with my brother.’ We were supposed to play together in high school, but now we’re trying to do it in college.”

Adding: “We always do joint visits all the time,” Kelly-Powell said of Thomas. “If he go, I go with him. If I go, he goes with me. We do everything together.”

Another added bonus if they played together in college, Kelly-Powell says, is that both could play in the same defensive backfield together. Kelly-Powell is looked as a safety, while Thomas plays cornerback.

“We got each other backs,” Kelly-Powell said of playing in the same defensive backfield of Thomas. “I know what he’s doing and he knows what I am doing.  So we trust each other, it’s all about trust.”

As far as recruiting, Kelly-Powell has already been on Michigan's campus numerous times, but was quick to note what his favorite event to attend while on his campus visits.

“I like watching them practice a lot,” Kelly-Powell said of Michigan. “You get to see Jourdan Lewis and Delano Hill actually compete. (And you) can learn from them, talk to them about technique. I love my brothers they always help me out. I can call them now and they can tell me what I need to do to get better.”

One thing is clear, though, Kelly-Powell isn’t close to making his final decision.

“I’m still trying to take visits first before I make any decisions,” Kelly-Powell said. “I don’t want to commit and be like ‘wow, I wish I did this.’ Once I commit, I want to stay committed.”

“So I am going to take a couple more visits and sit down with my parents, my coaches, the people that are really important in my life and help me get where I am at and make decisions.”

Kelly-Powell says he plans on checking out Wisconsin this week.

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