Is Kentucky 2017 WR commit Russ Yeast considering a trip to Michigan?

Is Kentucky 2017 WR commit Russ Yeast considering a trip to Michigan?

ADDISON, Ill. – Four-star 2017 wide receiver Russ Yeast has been committed to Kentucky since July, but that hasn’t stopped Michigan from trying to get him back on campus for another visit.  

And it’s a visit, he says, he would consider – with one stipulation – he wants an offer from the Wolverines.

“The conversation is to really get me up on campus at some point, maybe for a game or something,” Yeast said. “I don’t know how close they are to offering. I’m not too sure about that.”

Adding: “(Michigan’s) message is just come up and see it because you never know, is what they are really saying.”

But until Michigan offers, Yeast says he has no plans to visit U-M anytime soon.

“I don’t have any visits to Michigan planed right now,” Yeast said. “Because I don’t know how interested they really are.”

Noting an offer would get him to visit, and this time he would be looking at certain aspects of U-M’s program.

“I have seen the stadium and stuff,” Yeast said. “I would like to see their campus. I haven’t seen the campus, I have only been up there for games and stuff.”

That being said, if Michigan were to offer, would that change anything in Yeast’s commitment to Kentucky?

“I think it would change things a little bit, because it’s (Jim) Harbaugh,” Yeast admits. “I think I would still be solid to Kentucky.”

“I think I can definitely look at other schools,” Yeast said. “But I think it would take a lot for me to eventually flip to another school.”

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