Jaggers Updates Recruitment; Talks Michigan

One of the most elite tight ends in the country is Roseville (Calif.) junior tight end Jimmy Jaggers, who had a recent stop from Wolverines tight end coach Jay Harbaugh. He talks about that relationship, possibility of visiting Ann Arbor for a third time and the latest with his recruitment.

The Wolverines currently have one tight end in it’s 2017 class with in-state Carter Dunaway in the fold, but the Wolverines are looking to add more. Tight ends coach Jay Harbaugh has been everywhere during this evaluation period, especially in the Golden State checking up on some of their top talent including Roseville (Calif.) junior tight end Jimmy Jaggers.

“Jay Harbaugh stopped by last week or two weeks ago,” Jaggers told The Michigan Insider. “It’s a good (relationship) for sure. It’s always a good time just catching up with him. We just talk about how everything is going and when I’m looking to make another visit and what other schools I’m looking at.”

Having been a few times up to Ann Arbor, the highly regarded 6-foot-4, 232-pound Jaggers has no scheduled return visit set, but instead is hoping to see some other places around the country first.

"I do not (have a visit set to Michigan),” Jaggers said. “Yeah, I’d say if I can get up there, then I will (visit) for sure. I’ve seen (Michigan) twice and know what they have to offer and want to see more of the South and Eastern schools before going back though.”

The Wolverines have been in the picture for some time and a school that offers many positives in his eyes.

“I like the academics, the area and the football,” Jaggers said. “I love the Midwest area and I think (Head) Coach (Jim) Harbaugh has a good idea of how to run a football team.”


Scout’s overall No. 280 rated prospect could now be looking to make a decision relatively soon and when that moment comes, it will come down to just having that feeling.

“I’d like to (decide) over summer, but I might wait till mid-football season,” Jaggers said. “At this point, all of the schools I’m looking at are high at academics and that’s been a major factor, but now it’s truly a feel I’m looking for. I’m comfortable with the coaches and the area. I just want to be comfortable around the people and the school if I didn’t have football.”

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