Media Day: Zach Kaufman

The loss of Zach Kaufman last season was a difficult one for the Michigan defense. I had a chance to chat with Kaufman at Media Day this past Saturday.

In the madhouse that was Crisler Arena on Thursday as the press rushed around to gather interviews with players, I found Zach Kaufman standing alone near the exit and wanted to catch up to him before he made his escape to the waiting throngs of Wolverine fans on the field at Michigan Stadium.

Are you 100% yet?

"Um...ehhhhhhhh...I wouldn't say that yet but I'm getting there. The first three days I felt great running around but there are movements in football that you don't do in summer conditioning and I think it got to my knee a little bit. The doctor looked at it last night and said to rest today (Saturday)."

How will things progress as far as getting you back into shape?

"I don't think it's a big hurry situation. As far as I'm concerned I'm practicing tomorrow (Sunday). It's the first day of pads. I'll probably do certain drills and probably stay out of some. I'll be a part of the team and do my share to get ready for the season. I don't know if I'll do everything, but I might, so it's really up to the doctor."

Are you getting pressed for playing time?

"Oh yes. Right now Lawrence (Reid) is taking first string reps because I didn't practice today. He's doing really well and playing great football. Then we have (Name not clear, possibly Obianna Oluigbo) on down end and me, we're all pushing each other. Then Carl (Diggs) at the MAC and Dave (Harris) and Scott Mclintock and our linebacker corps is pushing each other all over the place."

Have their been changes to the defensive set up.

"Well I can't really get into specifics but there have been some changes. We've put in some new stuff to work towards the personnel we have."

How much of an influence has Ron English been on the defense?

"I think he's been a great influence. He brings new stuff to the table. You change the defense to what you have. We don't have Victor Hobson any more and we don't have Cato (June). So, I think we'll take what we have and make the best defense for the team."

How is Marlin Jackson taking the move to safety?

"Oh Marlin does great with whatever he's doing. He's a great athlete and a great competitor. He's a great player. He does things whatever the situation."

Have his off-field issues effected the team?

"I have no idea. We don't see it. He's just a team memeber and we'll just be playing as a team. All that other stuff we let the coaches deal with."

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