Media Day: Leon Hall

Incoming freshman Leon Hall talks to GBW at the 2003 Michigan Football Media Day.

One person I personally wanted to talk to was freshman Leon Hall from Vista, CA. I had the pleasure of watching Hall play twice last season, once before his commitment, and once afterwards. GBW broke the news of his commitment, which he did before he even stepped foot on the Michigan campus.

Good to see you in this uniform, how is it here?

"Exciting! It's a lot faster and there's a lot more to learn. In the beginning it was a little intimidating but I've adjusted

What happened to your hand?

"I did a little something to my hand, it happened in a parking lot here. It's not broken its just some stitches, I'll be good." Hall wouldn't go into further details, but he did sport a large bandage and wrist splint.

Are you going to play this year and will this injury keep you out?

"Yeah, I'll probably play this year and this (pointing to hand) won't effect that at all."

How is your relationship with Ron English?

Good. We didn't talk a lot before I got here but since I'm here now we talk a lot, we're building a relationship. He takes me aside and asks me questions about what I think and stuff, it's pretty good."

Hall is much bigger than when I saw him last year, probably having gained 10-15 lbs and looked solid.

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